Power of Pursued Purpose

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My friends, life is worthy living when you know your purpose. However, it goes further than just knowing. I have been reflecting on the statement by Myles Munroe which says that where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable. That statement contains so much wisdom in it yet we can also expand it to say that knowledge of purpose is not enough if one is not determined enough to continue taking consistent action.

I love the modern digital era and the digital lifestyle and opportunities it has brought, alongside the ease of doing business from anywhere in the world. However, with it I have also seen a lot of distractions that the internet and social media in particular has brought. Again, that could be due to its abuse by those who don't know its purpose.

The internet is meant to have helped us to be so much globally interconnected, for the ease flow of information,education and learning. However, it has brought a different culture whereby certain useful traditional approaches are slowly being eroded, chief among them, earnest labour, emphasis on work ethic and relationships. 

People of my generation now want microwaved success without putting any effort into it, without developing their gifts, learning new skills, and without taking consistent action. I once walked into a house where I saw this statement which resonated so well with what I am saying: ACTIONS OPEN DOORS BUT CONSISTENCY KEEPS THEM OPEN.!

Consistency in profitable actions is a sure way of succeeding at any goal.I have been walking my digital journey trying to build my online business and yes I have met different challenges along the way. However, what has kept me going is continued learning, masterminding with other like minded entreprenuers and I have also realised that social media/internet can be a huge distraction if left unchecked or managed properly.

Time management becomes very useful and you would need to keep focussed on a particular task, without being sidetracked or distracted by notifications from other social media accounts like whatsapp, facebook etc. If it means you turn those accounts off while you make that advert, write that book, write that blog, make that music, prepare for that presentation or read that book or edit that video, so be it. Your future deserves your today's focus and sacrifice.

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