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In the relatively new course run by Landmark Worldwide; the “Be Here Now seminar”, we were asked to consider that responsibility starts with a willingness to be cause in the matter. Looking at the opposite, I saw that it was much easier to absolve myself whenever I wanted to avoid awkward or difficult circumstances. The so-called ‘easy way out’ was definitely something I used to use to avoid responsibility.


Today is September 10, 2019; my birthday! I am celebrating by sharing this piece of taking on RESPONSIBILITY; WORLD PEACE BY 2020! For those of you who don’t know, I started the Ceasefire Project on the 15th September 1995 (The Causing of World Peace through the use of FIRE). 5 years to the date, I was interviewed ‘LIVE” on National New Zealand Television News. I introduced my brother, who opened the Sydney Olympic Games with the Bush Fire element, and what came out of my mouth was the words: “So we really are committed to cause World Peace for one day and we are declaring it as the 15th September for the next 20 years....”

For 19 years I have been standing for World Peace and I saw that I could take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for not causing World Peace today with 3 months to go so I have broadcasted my apology! I am sorry.


What has been remarkable, having taken responsibility for the conversation called World Peace by 2020, which I have been honouring for almost 20 years, is that I feel relaxed and complete. The fact I have declared my public apology has had me know that anyone YOUNGER than me has FULL PERMISSION to have myself and all people my age and older BE RESPONSIBLE for all the wars on this planet today. My invitation is to consider us ‘Elders’ have failed you. What I can say is that I have taken ownership for the conversation.


Last night I was sharing in my weekly 2 hours on Monday night’s “Tools and Practices” Zoom link in my current Wisdom Unlimited Course about the NEW FEELING I had, now that I had apologised for the current circumstances on the planet around Peace. This lead to a ‘dialogue’ among many of us ‘elders’, noting the ‘youth of today’ as perhaps feeling entitled. With “entitled” being defined as “believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment”, one could say that there is no responsibility taken with any of the current state of global affairs, for example. Sure the evidence is there for wars and climate change, and yes, some youth have taken action. However, consider the fact anyone feeling ‘entitled’ has not taken on being an authority on the matter at hand, with no action justifying their claim.

RESPONSIBILITY: Authority, Control, Power, Leadership, Management, Influence, Duty

Defined as the state or fact:

1.Of having a duty to deal with something.

2. Of having control over someone.

3. Of being accountable.

4. To blame for something.

I can see for myself that every time I take responsibility of any matter in my life, I know that people have then got the ability to relate to me as my word around it. What opens up, as a result, is myself being a clearing for contribution, (the good and the bad). What I have found over the years, is that I rarely blame anyone for anything occurring around me as I look at my breakdowns in communication, thwarted intentions and unfulfilled expectation and I take charge. It leaves me with ‘being cause in the matter’ versus being ‘at the mercy of something or someone’. As for the conversation: “World Peace by 2020: Pass It On! You’re It! ; I take full responsibility and I invite you to PASS IT ON!  Urm,,.but Charles, that’s passing on responsibility! Aaah good point and hey, I didn’t start it; young Reuben (aged 10) suggested I play it (World Peace by 2020) as a game, where responsibility is all over the place! Too Funny! Peace be with you!


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