The Top 5 Blog Posts of 2022 According to Your Choices

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You have decided which are the top 5 blog posts of last year

The top 5 blog posts are something we publish in January every year. It’s a way to analyze which articles and related content are the most popular. This year there will be new approaches to almost everything in your surrounding.

The pandemic represents the start of the turmoil we have faced for the coming years. I’m not talking about the terrible illness, with millions of people losing their lives, but how the chaotic situation changed habits and old traditional behaviors.

People who didn’t know anything else than their daily office work now had to initiate a home office routine. It could seem trivial for those who already have adopted their lifestyle to a digital world. But for the group stuck to the old traditional way of working, this was a radical game changer.

The interesting part is that with the pandemic fading out, the digitalization of the world, to a high degree caused by the pandemic, isn’t returning to normal. The new “normal” is here to stay.

Then the war in Ukraine became a punch in the face. The pacified Europe suddenly turned into an area of conflict. Military activities on both sides increase their military forces dramatically. Countries like Sweden and Finland, which traditionally have kept a policy of alliance independence, are preparing their applications urgently to join OTAN.

The consequence of this terrible conflict in Ukraine generates energy shortage and a lack of other vital goods for a balanced life. Inflation takes off, and the world prepares for the inevitable upcoming recession.

People start searching for alternative jobs or at least adding additional income streams to their salaries. The new shaky world order makes people actively look for alternatives.

There is a Mission with My Top 5 Blog Posts

undefinedThe fast-growing digitalization of the world during 2022, due to the different crises we have gone through, also implies that changes within the digital world are going faster.

One change that is sticking out is the growing demand for video content. In 2023, the total number of YouTube users worldwide is forecasted to hit 2.6 billion, a 5.2% increase from 2021.

As a blogger, it’s interesting to see how videos have become a more frequent tool for delivering content. Vlogging versus blogging is a phenomenon discussed in many different forums.

What is best?

Well, the answer is both. This is a topic that will undergo deep analysis and testing this year.

When it comes to my 5 top blog posts during 2022, it’s not a coincidence that two of them are directly focused on video and vlogging.

To actively promote vlogging as the new path to go in the fascinating world of content creation, the 5 top blog posts for 2022 are presented in a video format...Read more!>>

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