The Ultimate Guide starting an affiliate marketing business

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The dream of making money online is in everyone’s head…


Making money online has been in almost everyone’s head and the number of people joining online business increasing each day. It doesn’t matter if you have an existing online or offline business you can always start an affiliate marketing business and make an additional income to your existing business. People are getting tired of working for others and give away their time in exchange for money and really want to become their own boss and have the time freedom. 


So you are in the process to make extra money online. You need to have a strategy, a plan, and a mindset to build your online business. Decide what kind of Online Business you want to start online. By thinking and having a clear vision about what to sell online, whether it is a physical or digital or services you wish to sell is a good start.


The easiest way to start an online business is an affiliate marketing business, Why?

With affiliate marketing, you don’t need a huge amount of money to kick off your online business.


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply described is promoting other people’s products and when people buy the product you have promoted you get commission by the product owner.

Let say, you like a physical product, a Camera. You make a video, talking about that camera, describing how good the product is, how it works, how to take pictures, the quality of the pictures, maybe you compare this product with similar products on the markets and describe the benefits of the camera you are promoting. Lastly, you put a link and ask people if they wish to buy this product, they are welcome to click on the link you have provided. And when a sale takes place through your link you get a commission from the company selling the product.

Above is the process of doing affiliate marketing for any kind of product, physical or digital. 

Why Affiliate Marketing?
 Affiliate marketing is a low-cost business model:

Most people don’t have the capital to start an online business but with affiliate marketing, you don’t need a huge amount of money to start with your online affiliate marketing business

You don’t need to invent or create a product of your own.

With an Affiliate marketing strategy, the product is already there, no need to spent time and money on creating a new product.

 Affiliate program and support
When you find a network and start an affiliate marketing business, you always get help, support if needed from the company offering the affiliate program.

 Who are the companies offering an Affiliate program?
Amazon is among the biggest Affiliate Marketing networks offering the Affiliate marketing program on physical products. Amazon associate program offers a big opportunity to make money online ClickBank is like amazon but offers commission on promoting digital products.   

There are also companies offering an affiliate marketing program for different kinds of products like physical, digital, branding your name, create your own product and also high ticket commission which gives the ultimate money income.


How to market the product?
Now, you have started your affiliate marketing business and want to tell the world online and make them aware of your presentation of the product you are promoting.

Well, there are different types of traffic sources to market the product or service you wish to promote. If you have enough budget then advertising is the fastest way to promote the

product you want to sell.  Advertising through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Bing, and other sources are available.

But, what shall you if you don’t have the money to put on advertising? , luckily there are still ways to market your products, through organic traffic, social media.  Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



A YouTube Channel       
The easiest way with zero cost is creating a YouTube channel and start making videos that give value to the people watching them and eventually, you get visitors and with time people will trust and buy the products you are promoting if they are valuable for the customer.

Facebook page
Itis still free to put your videos on your own Facebook page without advertising it, and if you get your videos shared and again if the content of the video or description of the products gives value to whoever sees it, they will buy it.  

Instagram page
Instagram is also a great tool to use to promote your products.

Twitter page
Like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube Twitter is another source you can use to market your product and tell the world about your product.

A web page 

It’s great to have web pages and start to write content and review the products you are promoting.

To be able to get organic traffic to your website you need to write good content to grab people’s attention and to optimize your website on Google or other search engines. Search engines use algorithms to find the best answer for the person sitting and searching for an answer to their question. Google constantly changes its search algorithm to better serve the person writing a question in the search engine.

What is Affiliate Links?
Affiliate Link is a link or URL with a special ID provided by the affiliate network. The purpose of the affiliate link is to tag or track the affiliate marketer when a sale takes place. When somebody clicks on a link provided by the affiliate marketer and purchase a product, he or she will get a commission by the affiliate network company, CJ Affiliate is the largest affiliate network. CJ Affiliate has different offices around the world. 


What Does CJ Affiliate do?
CJ Affiliate’s name was Commission Junction is a market place where people can find thousands of products to promote and earn commissions that equal earn money.


What is a commission?
As I mentioned affiliate marketing is about getting products sold, whether it is a physical product, online courses or services. When the affiliate marketer makes a sale of the product s/he promotes s/he gets paid for it, in other words, gets a commission which means earn money.


Where can you find the Affiliate Marketing Network?
An Affiliate Networks creates opportunities for the merchant to offer an affiliate program to people who wish to promote the merchant’s products or services. If people purchase the products you have promoted then you will get a sale you will get an earning commission. Some people get their monthly salary based on earning a commission. When You promote several products, you will earn a commission for each sale on each item.


How much money can you make as an affiliate marketer?
How much money you can make on affiliate marketing is depending on what products are you promoting, small sales give you small commissions like 20 Dollar and there are also high ticket products that give you thousands Dollar.

I am personally promoting SFM which gives different commissions to different products as far as for commission, they offer also a variety of coaching, webinars on different subjects and lots of instructional videos. 


Is affiliate marketing a pyramid scheme?
No, there is no pyramid scheme in affiliate marketing, it is a business between a merchant and an affiliate marketer, no more layers. As an affiliate marketer you sell online the products you choose to sell.


How to become an affiliate marketer?
You can simply apply for the Amazons associate program and start promoting products on Amazon and start revenue sharing. Revenue sharing is the amount of money you make from different sales.

Or if you also are interested in self-development and learning and mastering online business the I recommend SFM because with SFM you get the whole spectra of the science of affiliate marketing and business online.

 Start your affiliate marketing business here.

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