To make other people better! The contagion!

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What is leadership? 

How do you build a team? It can be fotball, at work, your family. We have teams in many spaces. And how do you make the best out of the team? 

One is to see and use the differences. To have diversity. Listen to the others and their perspective. What do they see, that you don´t see? And if you are looking at all perspectives, what is the best decision? 
It is very easy to just listen to the one with the same opinion, and then come fast to a decision. But then you missed a couple of angles. And also listen to the others knowledge. Their knowledge can make you a better leader. 

In a team, we make each other better! 
I am good at this, and what can I help you with? In a team, we will complete each other, to make the best of us. And we make our own environment. We decide how we are towards each other, how we address each other, and how we respect each other. To take the responsibility for the good atmosphere. To say and talk about the good and positive things, not to focus on the bad things. Not on the long journey, instead on the nice feeling when we are there. To take the responsibility to focus on the positive things, and have the energy on that. Set feelings on good things, scream YEAH!, raise your hands, feel the endorphines rush. And if there is a bad thing, Don´t set any feelings on that, just let it pass. 

What good things did I do today? Write it down. Look at it and feel good and happy bout that. Focus on that. The good things get spin-off effects. So if you focus on it, it will continue. More and more good, happy, nice things and feelings. 
But don´t be afraid to fail. You have to fail to succeed! If you don´t try and test, you never will go further. 

Give feedback, positive and encouraging feedback, and also correcting feedback. To give suggestions of solutions to be better. 

We have different expectations and requirements on a team. And the leader must push the team towards understanding this, and to accept different roles and respect all other in the team and their roles and then when everything is there on place. Then the team can make the achievement. 

The most important is that the members in the team has the right attitude. If they have scills and routine its good, but they have to have the attitude. That is what takes you to the finishline, the goal. The motivation and attitude to the work that shall be done. 

So how do you put this in your business? Can your customers be your team? It is a lot about leadership. To listen to the customer and his needs and desires. What is it he wants? In Online business it can be a lot of things. The unimployed maybe wants a job, a hardworker wants more time and less work, one wants to work from home and another wants to work from Hawaii. So listen to the customers desire. Give him the options that you have for sale that can fit him. Encourage the motivation, and check if he has the attitude that fits. If you want a satisfied customer, they need to feel satisfied not just today, but also next month and year. 

The customer should also understand the expectations. To be in Online Business isn´t just to "dig gold", but if you work and learn, you really can earn the big money. But its not to push a button and here it comes. The customer must have the understanding and respect for the expectations from the educator. To do the learning and training. 

But as a customer that buys from you, you can also check on them. How does the learning go, do they understand or do they have any issues, give som encouragement, help them focus on the good stuff that he has achieved. To make the step on at each time. To help them see the progress and the path. And to set feelings on the good things. 

In SFM Communitys, the customer gets a lot of help with that. The encouragement, and peptalk, and the welcome and the congratulations for the small achievements and steps in the right directions. We help each other in small and big. No matter if it is my customer or anothers. Everybody helps one another. The online business have room for all of us. And we all make our group better! 

We all make one another better! The passion is contagious! The SFM Online Contagion, you really want it!! Is fun, its encouraging, its fellowship and development. 

I love beeing a part of it, and I attenuate everybody to be a part of it as well. 

Learn how to be the leader, and learn how to be the online entrepreneur that makes difference. 

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