Discover - Who Are You?

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Discover- Who Are You?

  • If someone asked you" who are you " would you be able to answer it?
  • Have you ever wondered why you've been put on this earth?
  • Do you know your full potential?  

 You are everything, you are energy, you are the moon, the stars, the ocean the earth, the birds the trees, the wind, and sky. You are feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and desires.

 Someone asked me the question today of "who are you", I was stumped. It wasn't an easy question to answer. I just thought I am me, but then the question arises again of "who is me". Confusing ha! Take a step back and go deep inside. "Who are you", really?undefined

 Maybe your a parent because you have children, or your an employee because you have a job, or maybe your just like a robot going through the motions, day in day out.

 Your identity of who you are Isn't the car you drive, how big your house is, a number of friends you have on facebook or the hot person you are having sex with.

Chasing after these things will only make you lose your identity and then finding you have no true purpose in life.

 We don't often know who we are as we hang around people that morph us into people they want us to be. So then we become many different people and personalities based on the outside environment rather than what's on the inside. Then when they leave us were confused and alone because we have no understanding of who we truly are as an individual and unique soul.

The face we look in the mirror at every day that has developed personalities through experience is what we believe who we are. The body is merely a tool for the true self, the mind.

Half our lives we behave like animals, sleeping, eating, drinking and pursuing sex. Most of the rest of the time was doing what society requires us to do, working to pay the bills, living costs, and feeding our families. The time we have left over is barely enough to scratch ourselves.

The most powerful, tool you have is YOUR  mind. Every thought we entertain produces a chemical in the brain that impacts the bodies immune system, putting your health at risk of illness.undefined

You can never figure out who you are if your wrapped up and consumed by what everyone else is doing. You are chasing their life, their lifestyle and, their identity.

What is your vision, what goals and dreams do you have for your life, what is your thing, what gifts and talents do you have? Everyone has something even if they haven't found it yet.

 Family and friends are the first ones to talk you out of your dreams, goals, and desires. Though they mean well it comes from a place of fear. 'God love em'. That is why you make your own choices whether anyone approves or not. Don't allow your self-worth to be determined by other peoples opinions.  Just do it, do what makes your heart sing.

 Believing and approving in yourself is key. Start by cleaning out the clutter, if you have naysayers in your life they will only bring you down. Clear a space for people who are nurturing, kind, positive and encouraging. The negative is not enabling you to grow.

 What you have in your environment is a reflection of your consciousness.undefined Forgiveness to those you have negative feelings about is a step forward,

  • Seeing things from the other person's point of view.
  • Holding a grudge on hurts you, not them.
  • For good health and peace of mind, let it go.

Feelings of hatred, resentment, and anger only come from the bitterness within. Forgive!

"It is your road and yours alone, others may walk along with you but no one can walk it for you"


Never be afraid to make a decision, be fearless. As a great friend of mine and I always say "FUCK YOU FEAR, FUCK YOU WORRY", square in the face. Works every time lol, try it next time you're faced with fear or worry, go it head on, you have the power.

Enlightenment- An inner awakening to what is the ultimate truth. A radical shift in consciousness from normal perception, thoughts, and emotions. A timeless moment which you spontaneously awaken to the absolute essence of self, life or reality. Meditation is the path.

In Zen, this sudden awakening experience is known as 'Kensho' or 'Satori'. It is simply a moment of true inner knowing, a discovery of ultimate truth by finding it for yourself, within yourself by direct experience.

  • It is not the things we do in life that we regret on our death bed it is the things we do not!

  • If today was your last day on earth would you be doing what you are doing today?

These quotes are from an unknown source!

Confusia says 'Those who say he can and those that say he can't are both usually right'.

"You are a miracle looking for a place to happen''. The best is yet to come!

You haven't dreamt you best dream, sung your best song, thought your greatest thought or laughed your greatest laugh!

Such meaningful quotes which have resonated with me.

  Be kind, Be free, Be you.

Kelly Stewart

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