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Hey! what do I mean here...what I mean is the people you relate with in life determines who you will be in the near future.

They say show me your friends and I show you your future and I say show me your company and I show you what accompanies you.

This is because what goes around comes around and that's the hard truth. If you keep a company of fools then you will end up being foolish yourself. Because the birds of the same feather flock together so choose your friends wisely.  If you move around with a bunch of failures then you will find yourself failing too and you will wonder why. You may be the smartest person in your group but you end nowhere if your group members are not smart enough.


If you keep a company of whiners then you end up whining your life away too as the environment we find ourselves willingly or unwillingly will always impact our lives because environments are contagious. 

There came a time in my life I had to change who I related with because the company I kept at that time seemed NOT TO BE having any ambitions.  Most of them had settled some had even given up in life...There was a time I overheard one of them say that she wished the world ended...and I was like what? way! life has not even begun yet! and that to me was like a WAKE-UP call because I knew I was relating to the wrong people.

I had dreams that I had not realized and failure was not an option. For an instant my first longest relationship which left me with two adorable kids failed yet I had this dream of meeting someone, fall in love and get married. I must say that was the best decision I had ever made because 2 years down the line I met the man of my dreams and I got married.

Please do not get me wrong, I am a people person and nothing has changed because I still relate to all my friends and family and I love them deeply and they mean a world to me BUT I had to choose to relate to them on a different level...and since then my life has taken a different turn.


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