You Have Decided - Our 5 Best Blog Posts 2020

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The best blog posts 2020 according to your opinion

Our best blog posts 2020 have now been crowned by you. Sometimes when creating valuable content to deliver in front of your eyes, the assumptions can differ from reality. Therefore, it's crucial to understand your sincere desires fully.

We will now register another fantastic blogging year. The best blog posts 2020, in your opinion, will be the leading start when publishing new articles during 2021.

Trying to find the common keywords for the best blog posts 2020, I would boil it down to the following six pillars:

  • Time management
  • Making money online
  • Online entrepreneurship for seniors
  • Being your own boss

Often you ask yourself why one article has more views than another. You can never address the answer in a few words, but the ranking depends on multiple things. After some years of blogging, you learn what works better and what doesn't work at more.