7 Key Pieces To Succeed Online For Beginners

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The digital world is an exciting place to be, solo entrepreneurs and small businesses are more and more willing to create and build online entrepreneurship.

The opportunity to launch and develop an online business is better than ever, and one of the most exciting options is to learn from an online course.

The global market for eLearning is projected to grow to more than the US $240 billion by 2023

It sounds fantastic, so I was eager to join this group of entrepreneurs and started my online business very enthusiastically.

However, after the first excitement, I realised that if I wanted to succeed, I needed to change my mindset. Most of my beliefs were before the internet world.

The traditional career path was to work long hours and receive a regular paycheck. And, hopefully, by age 65, we would have saved enough money to retire.

The mindset of trading time for money is how most people operate, but it limits our time to pursue the things we love to do.

1. Change Your Mindset

When we modify our beliefs, our mind expands to the possibilities.

Instead of trading time for money, we could start by focusing upon the value we can create for other people, and to think about how we can deliver that value.

We could focus on the resources, skills, knowledge, associations, or ideas we already have to share them with others.

In other words, identify our strengths and expertise, then do our utmost. 

2. Why Online Business?

Do you want to make better use of your talents and qualities?

Are you seeking a better lifestyle? Do you want to enjoy financial and time freedom, go anywhere and travel the world? Then a lifestyle online business is for you. 

Online business is about lifestyle, impact, and meaning. It is about setting our priorities, and when we know how to do it correctly, the rewards will come.

The first step is to find the right educational platform. This education will provide skills, knowledge, mentorship, and a like-minded community.

Fortunately, there is no need to be a digital expert. We can use elementary technology or outsource it to enable us to get up and to run.

Nevertheless, these key pieces are essential to master if we want to succeed in the online world, especially for beginners, like me. 


3. Targeted Advertising

I learned that if we try to reach everyone, we are going to have a difficult time.

We need to learn how to promote the product or service to the audience that identifies with our message.

It is essential to learn how to target the right audience effectively, how to write copy, and what types of ads to put together.

We need to have a website, which is a straightforward process and quick to set up; a crucial step to build rapport and trust.

However, the mistake that most businesses make is that they think that by setting a website and placing advertisements, their site will do the selling.

In fact, a lot of people spend a lot of money on advertising instead of growing a profitable business.

A website will allow us to get information from them, such as their email address, phone number, text, phone calls, Instagram, Facebook.

Once we have their information, we use an autoresponder (a straightforward software that collects email addresses) to be able to follow up but not to spam or tell people to buy.

We contact them intending to serve them, to build a relationship, provide value so they may buy a product or service if they choose to do business with us.

So, what is it that we need to do with our website?

4. Build a List

The objective of a website is to attract subscribers, and we do that by building a list.

Building a list is very simple, gathering an audience of people. It could be "likes" on a Facebook Page or email addresses on an auto-responder which enable us to email those lists of subscribers over time.

The goal is to build a list of subscribers to provide value and create relationships.

People want to make sure they are buying from the right people, the right company, and the right brand to give them the experience they are looking for.

What Value enables us to do from the list is to establish trust and authority.

5. Ways To Provide Value

There are many ways we can provide value. It could be an email newsletter where we are merely sending out informative information, tips and ideas around the topic people subscribe for.

It could be a free downloadable ebook, a course, a video series.

As you build rapport and people trust you or they trust your product or service, people will then buy.

6. Promote Quality Products and Services

Knowing our customers more intimately also helps to have a deep understanding of what our audience is interested in, and we can improve our offerings. It helps us to see how can we add to serve our customers better. 

This works when we are selling physical products, eCommerce, affiliate marketing (selling somebody else's products or services) or any other business model.

It is all about knowing the strategy and a deep belief in the product or service you are incredibly proud to promote and is something of value to others.

7. Are You Looking for Cash-Flow?

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to start.

However, it is essential to learn Marketing. Learning how to set up a website, build a list and give value, are priorities so that you make an informed decision of the products you wish to promote.

If you are reading this article, you are serious about improving your quality of life, income and freedom. Make a commitment and go for it.

I hope these insights have given you a little bit more awareness to understand how this is all possible.

Although this is not a comprehensive guide, these steps should help you better understand the necessary levels of an online business.

Do you want to continue learning about these areas so that all becomes clear and identify a lifestyle or business model that is a good fit for you?

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Let us know your thoughts or comments. We would love to hear from you.

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