So Begins the Virtual Reality (VR) Headset WAR.

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Today I wanted to discuss a topic near and dear to my heart which is Virtual Reality or VR for short.  Specifically some of the new-fangled (high tech lingo :-)) VR headsets that have come out of the wood work in the past year or so and what is happening with them.

A Little Tech History

I have been a computer and tech geek for decades and have watched many new technological wonders appear and become common place and then be replaced by another new tech over the years.  My father played music either from records or reel to reel tapes.  I started my music collection on cassette tapes while friends of mine loved 8 track tapes.  As I graduated high school the Compac Disc (CD) was invented and quickly replaced all tape medium in the music collections of most people creating much anger in the process.  And today the CD has been replaced by streaming music for the most part which just plain does away with owning medium that will eventually be replaced again by another new technology.

What Does Music Media Have to Do with VR?

I hear you asking ‘But Phil, what does music media have to do with VR?’  Good question! Remember that cassette tape collection I mentioned while my friends loved 8 track tapes? Well that is one example of a technology war.  I’ve watched a few technology wars weed out the weaker, or should I say less well marketed, tech in short order. VCR video players did it to BetaMax video players.  Blu-Ray video disc’s did it to DVD-HD video disc’s.  And now a new technology war is what is happening to the VR realm.

A New Technology emerges

I became truly excited when Palmer Luckey started the Kickstarter campaign for his new invention, the Oculus Rift in August of 2012. Finally a person with a passion for computer games was inventing a new VR headset!  Of course I saw the old “Virtual Reality” gear of the 80’s which cost too much and didn’t come close to real VR. But now screen technology was much more advanced and the people that tested the new Oculus prototype were really impressed.  I waited for three LONG years as Palmer moved his prototype closer and closer to a consumer release version. He finally announced it would release in early 2016…and so did about Fifteen other company’s!!!! And today I read that approximately 100 Chinese companies are working on new VR equipment.  ARRGH!!

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And so it begins.  The VR headset war!

Next up, 5 reasons to wait on buying a VR headset.

And as always, if you have any insights into VR tech or want more information on a particular tech topic, drop be a note and I'll see what I can come up with!