We Need an Education System That Excites Students

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Somewhere between primary and secondary school students are losing interest. They go to school to receive an education but does not provide individual development or real learning. We need an education system that excites students. 

How powerful would the education system be if we had kids who are excited and inspired in learning and a teacher who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can be?

Lately, I have been more involved with my two eldest grandsons. One of them is already doing his education at home and enjoying it a lot more than attending, what he calls, a boring and stressful environment. 

Yesterday, my 14-year-old grandson and I had to attend to some personal matters, I went to pick him up and waited for him to finish his ' online class'. When the class ended, he came out with a happy face and fully satisfied with the topic he had just finished. He expressed the satisfaction he felt in doing what he had to do, knowing that at a later time he was free to continue with his other lessons at his own time.  

My other 12-year-old grandson goes to high school. He and I had to do some errands. It was a perfect opportunity for me to ask him about school.  I asked what his favourite subject was, he said that it was sports because he likes the freedom and fun rather than being confined to a classroom. 

Maths is the lesson he doesn't enjoy, not because he doesn't like the subject but because his teacher is always angry and stressed.

I can understand this, I was once a student, and I experienced how some of my teachers were under stress. Tension can affect the teacher's capacity to fulfil duties effectively and the propensity to impact student learning negatively.  

Undoubtedly, less effective teachers can bring a sense of failure and hopelessness in those children and their parents, who wonder what is wrong with them, in reality, it was the quality of their instruction. 

There are, however, teachers who possess a passion for the subjects they teach and genuinely care for the students with whom they work. They can inspire students, to get them to think deeply about the subject matter, to take more challenges, to be creative, and to think deeply about the subject matter. 

Movies based on real stories like Freedom Writers, Stand and Deliver, Lean on Me, show the transformative power of an effective teacher.  

The world has changed, and our education system has not evolved fast enough. But the most significant change is to make schools an enjoyable place to go, based on a strong common core of essential skills and knowledge, allowing young people to develop their particular talents and aspirations.

Comparing the outlook of my own two grandsons, one who studies at home and enjoying it thoroughly and my other grandson who comes back home after school feeling drained, makes me wonder if we should focus on preparing students for tomorrow's opportunities. 

Advancing technology has opened doors in education, new jobs, new businesses, new services, new opportunities. Who knows, students and everyone, in general, can develop a deep understanding, learn how to apply their knowledge creatively and effectively, and be active and critical thinkers. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think we need an education system that excites students?

Are you open to a lifetime of learning and relearning?  Are you comfortable with change? Do you find affinity with a global outlook? 

I would love to hear your point of view.  Please feel free to contact me at my direct email address

Wishing all the best