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Blogging on platforms like WordPress has become very popular over the past 10 years, and this has even become major income generator for many, that has become millionaire. A blog post on web page can be an article aimed to share ideas of the blogger to the world at large, an information that try to address or provide solution to a particular event, situation or a circumstance surrounding issue on hand which you might want others to be awarded. Blog post can also be refers to as a write up containing content to educate member, a group of people, or public at large. 

A blog post can be a review of company's products or services whereby you want to share your ideas, knowledge and your understanding of that particular products or services, what make it different from others products or services that are meant to perform the same functionality. A review is a critical analytical, examination and explanation of a particular matter which you want the public to have fundament understanding about. Today you start your own blog and website to share the benefit, critics and details description of what you know about a particular products or your personal idea of life to the world on your blog.


I started blogging the moment I joined an online business platform after I obtained a blog and website host by HostGator. I did love to share my idea and opinion about something that I believed that others around the world should have of knowledge about, but I have my own blog post and website with WordPress I could not to that even though I have zeal to that. So, you too have something you to share to other people but unless you have a platform your ideas cannot get to targeted audience. There a lot benefit you stand to gain the moment you have a blog and an authority site. One other thing I want is to have people around the world to contribute, make comment and even criticize that understanding of mine, which eventually make me better and get uncovered something about business and life in general. The ideal lifestyle that I can start living.

Today you can start your own blog and website with share hosting with HostGator and start making different changes about your style. Having blog and website where you talk to world at large and getting response almost same minute will make you more fulfilled to start with. When you have your own website, where you can blog, published an articles of your own idea and getting response back from the world, it a great honor and by so doing you being to be recognized all the world by the report of Google on responsible website hosting by Hostgator.


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It is crucial that you should know which web hosting package with suit your business, for a start annual plans on shared with be better which always be upgrade to the higher one as time goes on. Also it is very importance to choose the great domain name, which suggest align the name around your business, same thing apply to choosing the name for business of website both must be able to speak about what you’re doing as products or services.

HostGator has a QuickInstall too that allows one-click install on many popular website platform such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Wiki, and phpBB. You can create any type of website - blog, forum, CMS, wiki, photo gallery - on all of the HostGator web hosting plan. A better, all the hosting plans now include Free SSL security certificates.