Create your myth!

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In the beginning the web was simple, connected, open, safe, designed as a force for good, it would become a breathing ecosystem in service of humanity, a public resource for innovation, and opportunity. A place to build your dreams.

But in those early days, like any ecosystem, the web needed nurturing. As it grew, users faced new challenges such as popups, viruses, a lack of choice, and much more. The web was fraying. It was slow, complicated, scary. Users began to ask … is this it?

Could the web be something better? A small group of people coders, designers, idealists believed it could. They had an audacious idea. A global community could build something better and force new ideas and innovation on to the web. How? Train and develop entrepreneurs, worldwide, on a common platform. They began by making a new concept for web users, network/affiliate marketers, online entrepreneurs, and small business owners. They made it easy, so it would always put the people who use the web first.

More than software, it’s a platform that anyone can use to expand their ideas. Now, they can learn and earn! The nuisances diminished. Now the web is a place where you can build almost anything you can imagine. We exist to help people everywhere seize this opportunity and to stand up for users in a world where choice and control are too often at risk.

But what if we are just the beginning? What if we are part of something bigger? From web users to affiliate members to online tools to educate to help people to invest in themselves to earn some money, or a lot of money, regardless if their local governments are broke, corrupted, and evil towards them. We are going beyond software. It’s a digital revolution.

We are helping to build a generation of online entrepreneurs of any age. We believe the web is a place where anyone can come to build their dreams. It’s why I am part of the digital revolution. It’s why tens of thousands of people around the world are part of it. But most importantly — it’s why we always put you first to unleash the entrepreneur in you. Thousands know our business model. But we are about so much more…

We are fighting to protect the web we all love, help countless members to make their first sale online, and ‘average’ marketers who have become top earners in their primary business because of the training, the platform and the leverage, they received from partnering with us.

Are you ready to join us today?

Create, tell, and live your myth ... and leave a legacy for your loved ones!

Create, tell, and live your myth ... and leave a legacy for your loved ones!

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