Finding your target audience.

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It does not matter how talented of an online marketer you are if you’re simply attracting the wrong audience to your websites, blogs, or videos. This is something that has it always being discussed in forums and groups all over the internet, raising questions such as what is more important conversions or leads? The answer is simple, imagine you are an opera singer you have never been heard before, but this is your chance as you have found a way to perform in front of an audience of thousands, you put on the best performance of your life you are so baffled by your performance that you become unware of your audience, show is over so you get off the stage but no one congratulates you, no autographs, feedback, nothing. Until you realise you have just performed in front of an audience of hardcore heavy metal fans, sounds stupid, doesn’t it? Because you wouldn’t even imagine putting yourself in such a situation, it just wouldn’t make logical sense… However, you may just be making this mistake by not defining your audience.

 Let’s get straight into it! The following techniques and audience defining exercises are used by leading online marketers such as Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassekk. Most importantly however is that all these techniques have been used on you without you even knowing it. Think about that time you clicked on a website, video or an advertisement that was just so relevant to you, and you have probably even wondered how in this era of ‘advertisement overwhelm’ out of all the random websites and adverts out there the one that has some sort of relevance to me could find me!? Is all through the process of ‘Avatar creation’. If you have ever played any video games most will ask you to create a so called ‘avatar’, this requires you to define your gender, likes, dislikes, interests, personality type, age, occupation etc. See where I’m going?... The first step is to create an avatar of your audience. If you don’t know where to start, start with yourself and then go forth and make an avatar of your ideal costumer.

The second step is to ask yourself and provide a detailed answer to the following 4 questions:

1.       What do they do?

2.       Where do they hang out online and offline?

3.       What do they want?  

4.       What is stopping them from getting it?

The last question that requires an answer is ‘How can you help them obtain what they want’. Most people just jump straight to this question without having spent time thinking and answering the discussed questions, you must remember the more time you spend finding your targeted audience the more audience engagement you will achieve.

It must be mentioned that this is a very generic and basic approach to finding your targeted audience, everyone’s audience will consist of different people with different personality types, interests etc. A great way to really get this stuff down and maximise your results in the online world is by having more in depth training, by looking at training courses, step by step guidance and even one on one coaching, which is all offered by the Six Figure Mentors, if you are interested I will leave a link to their free trial exclusive to readers of this article only no credit card info needed, just your email and I will get in touch with you very soon. Check them out and if you have any questions don't hesitate in contacting me!

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