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Do you remember when flossing meant cleaning in between your teeth with a thread? Then the thread became flossing string, & then the string became dental floss.

Now flossing is a dance or exercise. I laughed so hard when I saw our granddaughter flossing. I thought it looked like a great exercise one could do anywhere in the world. She was on the go train in Toronto. No special equipment required. Something everyone could do to get their mojo working. This gets everything working, body, mind & spirit.

Flossing is much like learning anything. It takes willpower. Willingness to laugh at your mistakes. A determination to try, learn & then teach it as Lauren has done for me. 

Now I can see how I flossed, I know I need to practice. It's just like any new skill. Do the work & success will be yours. Some pick up some skills faster than others.

This was approved by our granddaughter Lauren saying great job Grammy! 

It's all ok. We learn at our own speed until we get it. Many people will not even try because they are afraid.

Are you willing to try new skills? 

Our online business was so foreign to me. The willingness, to learn, is in my blood. I felt hopeless & overwhelmed at times but I persisted.

Learning new skills empowers our brain & body to action. To improve my flossing I will practice and I will get better. My heart says go for it. It is fun and good for your soul. When I saw my flossing I couldn't stop laughing as I looked so funny.

My first attempt at flossing reminded me of my first attempt at doing a live video.

I was sure I could do something & Dave was telling me "that" wouldn't work. I was determined.

Our discussion was live. Our daughter saw this & immediately notified us. We were on F/B live video arguing as she perceived it.

She was embarrassed & so were we. We didn't stop trying.

I immediately deleted our discussion on F/B live video. I now wish I had kept it as it really was funny & somewhat embarrassing. It was authentic & real to life as we are willing to learn new things. The willingness to learn will keep one's body, mind & soul alive for much longer than those retired to watching T.V.

F/B live was live immediately when it first started. Now you have time before you actually "go live." It's a changing world & much is getting better for those who are willing to change & do the work necessary to achieve success.

Fear not, if people laugh at you. You are good medicine for others and a good example of continuing education to become better.

There is so much to learn in our big beautiful world.

You don't need to learn how to floss to do an online business.

You do need to laugh, be happy and willing to learn.

We will be here to help you. XO.

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