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Do You Have a challenge focusing on the things that need to be done?

I certainly do, there are so many things to distract a person especially on the internet and social media. Even while writing this blog post I have lost my focus many times.

Especiall when you have all these pop ups coming on to your screen, just need to turn them off and focus on the task in hand.

What has been your experiences with being focused, or Not. ?

We have of late been really focused on building an on line business which needs to be focused on and we were not really tech savy, but boy have we learned a lot now.

Never thought I would be learning the new things that are coming out on line and feel comfortable using them now, smart phones, laptops, ipads etc.

This on line business we are a part of has an amazing education system and the most helpful teachers to guide you.

We have also been introduced to an awesome community of like minded people from around the world that are willing and able to help you with any challenge and help you be accountable for focusing on the learning.

WE found this on line learning experience by clicking on the link below, leaving our email address and received a video series to show us how to get started.