Hospital Experience

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Hospital experience for me was going through a angiogram first to determine were my blockage was in my heart.

Then having a angioplasty done to enlarge the opening and then having a stent put in that area of my my artery to keep it opened.

When I arrived at the hospital in the early morning I had to get prepped for the procedure by a nurse and have the necessary areas shaved in case.

They now do most of these procedures in a vein in the wrist, years ago they only did it through a vein in the groin area. They still do that in certain circumstances so they had to shave my groin area just in case.

From that area I was taken by gurney into the operating room and transfered onto the operating table, which had a huge t.v. screen right beside it so the doctor can watch where he is inserting the probe into the vein.  Then he introduces a  dye into the blood stream so he can watch the blood flowing in the heart to determine where the blockage is. Once that is determined he performs an angioplasty were he inserts a ballon into the narrow part of the artery then inflates it to expand the area and then inserts the stent to keep it opened.

  I watched the whole procedure on the screen beside me and did not feel anything, I was give something to relax me before this was all done so it was cool.

Recovery time was just one night in the hospital and home the next day, that was done a week ago today and yesterday I played 18 holes of golf.

Feeling a lot of Gratitude with a new lease on life, no more chest pain and I can now walk a normal distance again without any pain.

 I also feel a lot of gratitude towards the community of people we are working with to build our on line business. They were all were there for me through this and continue to help us. 

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