How do you advertise on Facebook?

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How do you advertise on Facebook?

How do you advertise on Facebook

Have you just started a business over the last couple of years and looking to understand how to leverage Facebook with almost everyone telling you that you NEED to be on there?

or Perhaps, you are already advertising on facebook and looking to get better results?

As I grow in my business and focus on online marketing, it's hard to deny the power of facebook. Given this, I have spent a fair bit time of studying the platform, learning from my mistakes and successes and reading up as I prepare to launch a series of new ads. I will share these insights and tips with you.

How do you advertise on Facebook for free?

How do you advertise on Facebook for free

First off, often when you see blog posts or articles about advertising on facebook, there is very little talk about the free ways to advertise on facebook. That is sad, as there are several effective ways to advertise free on facebook so let's tackle that first.

To advertise free on facebook, starts with setting up a personal profile page. People are attracted to do business with people they like and trust. Thus, one of the simple methods of advertising on facebook is share your life and vision via your personal profile page with an occassional direct business post.

As a professional network marketer with Isagenix, we have specific detailed and completely free training on doing just that. This technique has helped thousands of women and men just like you create an income stream to supplement or replace their full time employment by investing their time to master the technique of social selling. The key here is to remember that on facebook, people do not come to be sold to so your post should be mainly indirect and then rare direct post sharing how you can help others.

For example; sharing pictures of your lifestyle; being at a coffee shop in the middle of the morning working away on your computer drinking a latte, working out consistently and slowly transforming your body and life, enjoying company events and the friendship of other like minded women that you have linked arms with, photos with you having time to go to your kids concert with ease and or finally taking special trips or outings with your children/partner in the middle of the day/school term. All these posts are indirect and prompt curiousity from people on how you are able to have the lifestyle you have. Some people will reach out and ask....

Yet, you should be aware and know that we are clearly trained that to post and wait is to live in lala land. (Just being honest!) The most effective way is you reaching out and have many authentic conversations where you just share your day/ life with others.

The next and key step to this strategy is actually doing a business post. No more than one out of four post should be a direct business post. A direct business post for example would be to spotlight a product, a challenge, a client or team member's physical or financial results. Again these post are still relatively indirect although clearly will be interpreted as "businessy" from others who still are to clue in on the power of social selling. Finally, there should be 1 or 2 maximum per week of what we call "power post". These post are a very direct sharing of how you help and who you are looking to help. The key to doing that post is timing and attractive imagery and language.

Another layer that can magnify your results of this free strategy is using facebook groups intentionally. Join facebook groups on subjects that you enjoy. So for example if you enjoy crocheting, join a crocheting group and connect with women in the group, share your life, your vision and add them to your friend list. There are also several networking facebook groups that you can join. With these, do not go in post your business opportunity and run INSTEAD connect with other people in the group and share posts that are value. I often share my blogpost or my youtube videos there.

Another layer of this is creating a free business page. This will allow you to do a heavier concentration of business post however you should still mix personal posts in there so people can see and get to know you personally. Business pages seem to have a lower priority with facebook in terms of visibility so you will have to have a strategy of sharing your content occasionally on your personal profile and in different groups appropriately.

The three keys succeed with free methods are:


Take some time to think about who you are and who you are looking to attract and share authentically your life where those people who you are looking to attract would connect with you. My passion is helping moms and so I share a lot of motivational post about mothers, share about my children and my life as a mom.


People want to know that you are dependable so post one week and then miss another week all together will be seen as undependable. Also consistency gives you a better chance with the facebook Algorithms. Create a schedule and use free tools such as buffer as need to consistently share your life with your facebook friends.


Nobody likes a debby downer so stay positive. This is not to say that you should avoid sharing challenging moments or bad things that happen to you. Just consider how you share it and the frequency in which you share. I would ideally say to avoid profanity and any kind of post where you are being mean to someone else. Be genuine, be yourself and take the time to present good clear pictures that people will be more likely to stop, like, comment and share and often click and look at a bit more content on your wall to see what you are all about.

How do you advertise on Facebook paid AND effectively?

How do you advertise on facebook paid and effectively

There are tons of guides and articles on this already yet guess which ones I found most informative? Facebooks own training...Imagine that! Aside from the tips I shared in my other blog post (Best Ways to Advertise Online in 2017) here is a slightly deeper dive:

Did you know that facebook has a tool that you can research you audience before committing your budget?  This is huge and I suggest a MUST DO before any facebook campaign! Do you remember Abraham Lincoln'd quote: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." ? Then take the time to "sharpen your axe" with this tool called Facebook Audience Insights.

That being said, once you have completed your research, you want to then establish a bid strategy and budget. It's great that Facebook has an automated feature called "optimized CPM" that helps you to minimize your cost depending on the other ads that competitors are running parallel to yours.

Focus on creating targeted messages so rather than write one ad to apply to all audience consider writing multiple really targeted ads for each subgroup of your target audience to really drive the acceptance/conversion rates for your offer.

This may seem like a simple thing yet, please have a simple call to action and then direct people to do exactly that. If you are advertising for someone to get a free guide from you then once they click your ad it should direct them 1st and only right to a landing page for you to complete the offer by them trading their information for the offer. Never create a facebook ad with that intent and point it to your main page, this will significantly reduce the conversions/opt-ins you get. Make it easy for your potential client to get your offer and then they can explore your page.

Finally when you are creating the ad, keep your language simple and ensure that your call to action is congruent with the ad text and photo as well as any text/visuals that will be on the page the customers will be directed to once they click through.

How do you advertise on facebook and net zero cost or profit ?


When I first heard this statement, I was puzzled as I always thought advertising cost money, however there is a strategy called funded proposal that allows you to basically either break even or actually make a profit on your advertising. Have you heard of funded proposals?

Well, a funded proposal is a strategy where you would sell reduced cost tools and training on the front end so you can get their contact info to market to them your true product and continuously on the back end. Usually these reduced tools and training are of significant greater value than the price you are offering so it becomes and irresistible offer for your ideal prospect. Secondly, even with the traditionally low opt-in rates on a front end sale, with your offer ranging from $10 to $20 at the front end, you could easily be covering or earning more than your facebook advertising budget. In this scenario, you know would need to know your expected conversion numbers and align your strategy and budget to break even and or make a profit.

I hope my insights were of value to you as they were to me. Please feel free to comment and or share your tips and insights. Also, if you haven't already, do check out my other blog post "Best ways to advertise online 2017" where I cover all the top platforms and share my insights on how you can be most effective.

Thanks for stopping by to read my take on "How do you advertise on Facebook?"

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