How to become an Entrepreneur

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Basic step to becoming an entrepreneur

If you already made a decision to become an entrepreneur but you do not know what to do or have not figured a way to become an entrepreneur yet this article will help guide you on the basic five steps for you to become an entrepreneur, the evolution of becoming an entrepreneur and you make a decision for yourself on which path you want to go through.

So before we get into the five steps lets first talk to you about different industries, sector ,services  you can take to become an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is not one dimensional that is the great thing about it, there are multi-dimensions of becoming an entrepreneur, so as we go through all of these you will need to ask yourself what motivates you? what will make you get up in the morning and go?

You may be a stay at home mum, in your 50s or you just came out of high school look at those things that will make you get up in the morning without an alarm clock.

pick three out of them and ask yourself some basic questions 

Which one will you live your life and if you don’t achieve you will not feel fulfilled?

Which one will you not get tired of doing ?

Which one is you?

When you investigate those choose one of the path and dedicate 3-5years to it remember it is a journey it could take longer but you will get there. You maybe in your late 20s or mid 30s and you have already made a decision on which path to follow but how do i make a decision to take it to the next phase of the journey.

  • Financial-Stocks,Insurance,real estate...
  • Consulting-Lawyer,Marketing, Advertising IT consultant…
  • Services-Cleaning services, Personal training, Taxi…
  • Hospitality- Bar, Club, Hotel, Restaurant…
  • Inventor- Technology, Research and Development…
  • Manufacturing- Clothes,Computers,Cars, Toys …
  • Entertainment-Movies Dancing, Writing,Acting, Makeup…
  • Agriculture-Farming Equipment,Poultry,Fishing…
  • Expertise- Electrical,Plumbing,Software,Fashion and so many more.

Now Your Actions 

You may find that you connect with more than one from the list above, do not make the mistake of choosing two or saying let me try these are no no actions. For you to become an entrepreneur you have to know it is a journey and it will take years for you to achieve it you have to be committed and willing to die for it because it is your life that is why you must choose ONE.

  • Get experience

Look for who is the best in the industry  that you have chosen and seek employment there this will help you gather the experience and challenges that the owner is encountering and master how they are resolved always remember why you are there not for the pay check but for the experience.

  • Become a Professional

At this point you must be working at the industry which you want to be an professional in. The key to being a professional is very simple in any thing you do "you have to become above average”  (Jim Rohn) 

Get to work a little bit earlier.

Stay a little bit late.

Ask intelligent question.

Take responsibilities for you action

Always seek solution and not to escalate issues

Always Smile as this will be your only weapon against all the forces trying to stop you do not forget that people like to see you miserable.

By now you will be learning how to make effective decision, you manager will be leaning on you because they know when you are involved things get done.

You most never stop improving yourself read books listen to audio again again and again. 


I often hear people say there is room for improvement, chances are you have heard it. You and I will agree thats true. To become a successful entrepreneur this is where you take notes if i hard done it this way it will be better. Never be afraid to ask for help. Why? This is because you want a better result,you want a better outcome ask staff how they feel working here  After serving a customer ask is there anyway i could have served you better, get customer feedback work on it always look for ways to server better. 

Leadership skills

Once you find ways to make things better, at this point you are looking for partnership, a franchise you can ask to be part of the company by beiat some point you have to call the shot either in that company or somewhere else. Because you have been been improving ,because you have been reading building yourself and laying all the necessary foundation for yourself. its not the life not the money they pay you it is not who you are but what you have become an entrepreneur.

If you are serious about being an entrepreneur you can click here and submit your email i will forward your details to my mentor stuart ross who will guide you through the journey online you will require at least an hour everyday.

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