How To Learn Blogging... Without Knowing Where To Start From!

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If you wake up one day with the inspiring idea of creating a blog, you will probably start soon wondering How To Learn Blogging... without knowing where to start from!

When you decide for the very first time to create your own blog, having no idea about how to build a website and how to write articles about one specific topic, it is very useful at the beginning to start looking for successful bloggers and read about their personal experiences. Nobody better than an expert can tell you where to start from and which are the very first steps you have to do in a brand new direction.

Be aware that there is a long list of basic information you have to collect before even having your blog up and running... and that is only the beginning of a long learning process! In first instance you need to acquire the technical knowledge about the creation of a website and to consider that there are many little decisions to take, such as:

  • select a web hosting provider
  • select a platform to use and decide whether to go for a self-hosted or a hosted one
  • chose and purchase a domain name
  • select a layout and a design for your website
  • learn from tutorials how to set up the website
  • set up the website and make it ready for the new valuable contents

And these are only the very first steps. Once you chose among all the possible web hosting providers, platforms, domain names and layouts you will have to start thinking seriously about your TOPIC. If you are now trying to find out how to learn blogging, you probably already have one specific area of interest in mind. That is very important. To concentrate on one specific theme and not to jump random form one topic to another one. If you have been talking about one thing and start suddenly talking about something completely different, readers will probably lose interest and stop following you.

Defining exactly what you would like to write about is already a good start. Although, to become a successful blogger, you need to consider a couple of other important aspects before starting releasing your creative energy.

If you want to see your blog developing and growing successfully, you need to define very precisely your TARGET MARKET and be able to answer the following questions:

  • WHO are the readers that you are going to target?
  • WHAT kind of information are they looking for?

After being clear about your TOPIC and your TARGET MARKET you need to develop a strategy to improve your writing skills and find out how to distribute your articles to finally reach your targeted audience. In general you have to keep in mind the following steps:

  • Create contents offering VALUE to your readers, giving them the answers they are looking for
  • learn how to RANK your website on the Internet and how to optimize the use of the SEO
  • PROMOTE your blog posts actively (on Social Media and using other useful tools)
  • CO-OPERATE and create connections with other bloggers and platforms
  • INTERACT with your readers, reply to their comments and call them to action
  • BE CONSISTENT! Write, post and distribute your contents REGULARLY!
  • Be aware that it will take TIME and DEDICATION to grow a successful business. It is not something that happens overnight. Blogging is all about creating a long lasting relationship with your followers 
  • Find out how to MAKE MONEY out of it, because it is possible! :-)

Some time after I started researching how to learn blogging I realized one thing!

I realized that before even starting to write my very first blog post I was having the writer's block!!! I had invested a long time in getting the thechnical knowledge, had chosen the provider, selected the platform, bought the domain name and set up the website, ready to be launched... and did not know how to move on!

I had no idea what to write about, or better, HOW to write about the TOPIC I had chosen!

I am Italian, speak six languages, have a university degree and I am used to sitting down and write contents about specific topics, related to what I studied. But I never learnt to write interesting and valuable contents for thirsty readers looking for specific information on the internet, nor knew how and where to promote what I was going to write about in order to reach the right audience.

So I started searching on the web for possible online trainings to get some professional support. While looking for experts in online marketing and blogging I came across this video series and short after that I decided to start co-operating with a great community of digital experts. Not only they are teaching me now how to learn blogging but also how to make a business out of it.

Sincerely Yours,

Valentina Colombari

Air Hostess and Online Marketer :-)

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