How to Make Money Using Social Media

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A lot of people spend time on social media connecting with people every day, having massive followers. If you are one of these persons, you should consider using social media to make money. There are so many opportunities available to anyone interested in making money this way; the best part is that it is so much fun.

Taking Advantage of Social Media

Affiliate Marketing
On social media, you can promote affiliate products by sharing links to products you registered with on your account. Instead of flooding your timeline with links, you should come up with creative ways of making your followers interested in checking out links to your timeline. You can do this by using a product and then posting a review about it before attaching a link. Another way is posting valuable information such that your followers have no problems following any link you suggest because they trust your opinion. Spamming links without other relevant content may just project you as annoying and get people to unfollow. You can check out the Amazon affiliate program or find affiliate programs for products you find interesting.

Monetize Your Social Media Accounts
You monetize your account by making people pay to view your account. Some people have very engaging personalities or have insightful thoughts to share. You can become a Vlogger and make people pay to view your videos or post. You can also join the YouTube Partner Program and get ad revenue for ads put at the beginning of your videos.

Advertise Products and Promote Services on Your Account.
You can promote your products or sponsor a company's products and services using your accounts. You can use Medias like Pinterest and Instagram for visual advertisement of products. This way you do not need getting a shop or paying for adverts to get your product out to your consumers. Companies could also pay to have you sponsor their products by selling the rights to advertise to your followers to them. The more followers you have, the better your lead generation and conversion rate.

Selling E-books and Photos
Being knowledgeable about a subject could reel in big bucks if you decide to apply yourself. You can make an E-book which your followers on social media will be persuaded to buy because of your social media presence. In the same vein, if you take quality photographs, you can sell the right to use these pictures. First, you could get people to know your work using Flickr, by offering them photos for the creative commons license. After that, you can monetize the use of your photographs by joining iStockphoto, where people pay for downloads.

Networking with Social Media
Social media is not a platform for connecting with people and advertising our brands; it is also a place for networking. With sites like LinkedIn, you can build your connections and surround yourself with people that are not accessible to you in real time. Take advantage of this opportunity and follow your next employer, find out what would get you into that organization you intend working with. Find mentors and build your career or business. You can also use Facebook and Twitter for networking. Make sure you make your social media count by connecting with the people that matter to your growth.

Social Media Management
This is a new career path that is going to become very popular in time. If you are good at influencing trends or can attract thousands and millions of followers, then you should consider managing social media accounts. This is a job that would see you get paid for having fun. You should watch out for and even suggest to companies not having a good social media presence so that you get paid to help them garner social media presence.

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