How to make your video go viral

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How to make your video go viral


Are you someone like me who want to leverage your video content on youtube to reach your audience so you really want to crack the code on how to make your video go viral?


Are you really surprised that your video got so much views and maybe went viral and you want to understand better the underlying formula or logic to the best of your ability about why it did go viral?

Well if either of those are you (I'm in the first), I've been researching how to make my video go viral and this blog post is a summary of the key tips I've gathered that I will be applying in my youtube channel to maximize the opportunity of my video going viral.

So here are the eight things that I learnt about

how to make your video go viral

1)Evoke positive emotions from the viewers

When you make your viewers smile, laugh or experience any other positive feeling when watching your video, this can often be some sunlight to a gloomy day. Then they will also be more naturally likely to share that good feeling content with friends. People forget what you said or gave yet always remember the way you make them feel. 

2) You need to be unique

To capture attention for your video you must make a unique video. Watch many videos related to your niche and find what they lack in them and include that in your video. You best odds of going viral is to stand out!

3)Quality is essential

Make a good first impression by investing time to edit and make some quality tweaks, particularly at the beginning of videos. Make the video appeal to the senses of your viewer both in look, feel and content.

4)Implement SEO strategies

Dedicate some time in getting your video found by using an effective title and completing the description and tag sections. Google Keywords a great tool that you can use free with your Google Adword to find good long tail keywords that you should then title the video, include in your description and tags.

5)Keep it short and content rich

Attention spans are growing shorter and shorter to keep your video as short yet informative. People tend to stay away from clicking on videos that they see in a category that are longer than the other videos listed in the search results. Make it worth watching!

6) Share it on social media

Share the video on other social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter and take time to share it with any influencers that you may know that would enjoy the video. When you share with friends/ supporters ask their support / incent their support to like, comment and share the video with their friends. Also consider putting a request to share like or comment in the written description of your video or build that into the video itself. Checkout thisgreat tool that I found to help you make your video easily editable and shareable on your wordpress site.

7)Consider building a team around the video

Who else stands to benefit from sharing your video? Share the wealth by building a team of affiliates who also have a personal stake in the video going viral! For example your video could include a positive product placement for a sponsor/ company who would then be likely to share the video with their followers. 

8) Have a lot of activity happen around the video soon after it goes live

With the team and your circle of influence, get them prepared and ready to engage in sharing as soon as the video goes live.  The immediate response in sharing it in their blogs, social media challenges, email list to increase views, likes and shares is very powerful. 

I welcome your comments, likes or shares of this article.

Happy video marketing and start now to implement one or more of these eight tips in How to make your video go viral.

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