I was falling behind in the world of computers,...and then this helped me!!

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If you are not a millennial, chances are that you are like me and many other people that struggle a bit with computers, surfing the web, and perhaps skeptical about paying bills and doing other financial transactions online. I don’t consider myself up in age, and yet I still remember when cash was the only method of payment. I remember when I obtained my first credit card, and I also remember when at some establishments I tried to pay with my newly-obtained credit card, and they would reply: “we don’t accept credit cards”. That wasn’t long ago, wouldn’t you agree with me?…However in just a few years we’ve seemed to gone into another dimension. The digital dimension. 

For a few more years I went complacent about the way things were going, and I just went along trying to understand the basics about the world of computers. I must admit when I received my very first invitation to join Facebook I did not think that network was going to be catchy, and I decided not to accept the invitation. Was I wrong!  As we know now, Facebook is one of the most used social networks besides Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, etc, etc, etc. Nowadays we have all kinds of Social Networks, Search Engines, Forums/ Discussion, Video, Music, Pictures, Location, Business, Review and Rating Platforms, Networks and Applications that it is so hard to choose which one meets our needs and liking. There are so many of them, the conversation prism needs a larger and larger circumference to fit them all in. Take a look below at the Prism that Brian Solis and JESS3 have in place for you to have an idea. I don’t even recognize many of the channels. Can you?


Well, if this world keeps moving the way is going in the digital world, we soon will be considered similar to being illiterate. This is why I needed to make a decision, and I needed to make it quick. Either I ventured into learning the digital world, or I would “get stuck” in the stone era…literally.

I decided to venture into learning the Digital world of computers and its marketing mystery. I was very fortunate to find a community that helped me learn step-by-step this process. From learning to move around from screen-to-screen and as far as creating a web page, marketing products, services, ideas, and best of all you learn at your own pace. At the beginning as I said earlier, it was just so I could learn more about computers, but heck, I'm making money as I learn, ...you can't beat that!

The link below will provide information of how you too can step-by-step, at your own pace. The information below is risk-free, and with no commitments.


Don’t live in the Stone Era as I did. Take that first step. Prove you too can learn at any age.

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