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As a little girl I lived at the bottom of the hill. Our back porch was tar papered and I felt very poor compared to my classmates at the top of the hill.


. I admired their beautiful homes and cloths and loved listening to them talk about their trips & their parents trips. Seeing all their gifts from other countries was very intriguing. I loved being invited to their homes to play. Most of them were from small families compared to ours  with six kids. Our Dad worked at the nickel mine, their Dads were accountants, lawyers & business people.

This really made me think about what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now its more about  "WHO AM I" what I do as a human being & lover of mankind. This reminds me about a contest  my wise Mother won called "WHO AM I" I don't remember all the clues for the contest but the answer was "Drew".

Thinking back "WHO AM I" is so much more important than any titles, formal education & degrees which so often define people.

Titles and Positions give many people rights, confidence or arrogance & often entitlement that I like to think we've taught our children is earned. I recall saying there will always be work for a good worker.

There is no free lunch someone is paying for it.

My Emergence nurse daughter often says she'll always have a job because there are so many stupid people. There are also many smart ones replacing jobs with ROBOTS so we must be aware.

Technology is moving so fast these days and soon "BOTS" will be doing most of the jobs we know of today.


A lot of people my age think they can't learn new things like the computer or smart phones and I say yes you can if your willing to take the time and put forth the effort it will take.  Yes it will take time and effort. Very soon the land line as we know it today will be a thing of the past and we will be using new technology such as smart phones, we will call people on them and see them on video which is happening as we speak.

If we want to keep up to our children and grandchildren we need to embrace the new technology, take the time needed to learn. Imagine how cool it will feel when someone asks you do you know how to use a smart phone and a computer and you answer a resounding YES I DO.

Our MENTORSare teaching us this new technology and they will teach you also, if your willing to learn. ARE YOU ?

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