Decide to stop the stress and struggle of working!

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I would like to share my story in why I ever even considered this opportunity, so please, follow along. I have worked my whole life in one industry all the while everyday going in at 7:30 in the morning and not returning home until 6 or even 7 pm. Constantly feeling like I couldn't earn enough, was always living paycheck to paycheck. Year after year I was still feeling like I had been working even more and not actually LIVING more! 

I remember watching the highway everyday while at work wondering where all those people were headed while I was stuck in the same location doing the same thing I've always done, which is trade time for money! Seemed like everyday I was wondering how to I get to a point where I was one of those people travleing instead of working! I slowly and very slowly worked my way up to management after several long draining years, guess what? I was still watching that highway, realizing i wasnt at home or actually living nearly as much as I wanted. is only the very beginning to my exciting and new journey on a much more open minded scale. How is it achieved? Pure dedication and committment to yourself that you know of bigger dreams, and you want to take ACTION instead of only still dreaming!!

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