ARRGH! Overwhelm Solution

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Aaarhg Hey guys!

 Feeling overwhelmed? Well I am right now !! I've been here before so let me flip through my journal and share with you some good advice I gave myself.


See, I'm from the Caribbean Island of Montserrat, when we are overwhelmed, in dialect we say "Di presha a kill me" meaning "the pressure is killing me" and it is!  

So here are some tips. My goal is to feel better at the end of this blog..ok so here goes. 

The Overwhelm Solution to When ever I am feeling like this I stop to Chillax:  


  • Stay present ......everything is alright, often its your asumptions of doom that's freaking you out
  • Surrender or let go.... be aware of negative self talk and assuptioms of outcome
  • Accept imperfections in my plans and trust God/source (which can be hard when you're in the thick of it)


  • Remember the relief of the last time you were worried over nothing and it did work out....lie to yourself if you
  • focus on my "WHY" ...what do I want?  and why?
  • 3 minute visualization of achieving it
  • journal...  free writing always makes me better epecially after visualiztions of what ever I desire
  • step away and have some tea or something or watch a short video of laughing babies on you tube

  • step back into the game

I also find that it helps to write a goal for time you carved out for anything.

Even if you have 1 goal in the beginning , it helps and feels so good when you accomplish it!

Hey, I'm no guru but hope this helps ,I'm writing this for me too fu when di presha a kill me!


Live 4 Love

XO Jaja  

P.S Please feel free to leave any comment on what has worked for you.

What do you do when your overwhlemed and what works best for you? 


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