There Is Power In Them There Words

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Acknowledge There Is Power In Them There Words

Someone once stated that there is "power in them there words". Especially as emails, thoughts, and ideas are all words. There is "power in them there words" was simply a throwaway statement that right then was overlooked - but hauntingly remembered as writing and speaking is all about creating pictures with words. Why words are so powerful is in the use of the words themselves. People tend to believe what other people tell them it's as simple as that. But there is a subliminal connection to what and how the words are utilized that is really interesting.

Another person stated "fantasy is closer to fact than you know!" Computers and technology have advanced us so far forward within the Internet of Things [LoT].   What we, the people see in change every two years coming via the militaries of the world represents a military advancement of roughly fourty-five years.  Before the Apollo Space shuttle took off fast freeze ice cream was being released to hikers and trailblazers for use as part of their ration packs.  Officially packaged [ read disguised] as a light weight high calory and protein foods stuffs.

Scientific experiments are paid for by business buying the rights to end results and consumers everywhere are onsold these results. Advancement is a way of life.

Computers were ginormous heavy things in the 1940s. By 1959 advancements in what was going to be known decades later as the internet was in its early stages.    The premise of the internet was for faster transportation of information.

Before the Apollo Space shuttle took off fast freeze ice cream was being released to hikers and trailblazers for use as part of their ration packs.  Officially packaged [ read disguised] as a light weight high calory and protein foods stuffs.

The Frequency Control Power Of Then There Words

The Robo-Technology behind Super-Soldiers both distresses and revolts, yet fascinates me.  Soldiers whose brains are controlled through implanted chip devices.  No radio needed. Hypersensitive, physically extremely fit people who have been extensively trained so that when the need is there their minds are controlled  through the the high- frequency or low-frequency radio wave mixes.  Supersoldiers minds have pinpointed actions and reactions and the sound frequencies are literally untraceable to the oppositions screening equipment.

To be human means you have the ability to be selfwilled, obstant, be wilfil, have intolenaces, and be an opinionist.  However your mind may also want to 'find another circle of influene" and there is power in them there words.  No matter what your belief the one underlying principle about being human is that we all may change our minds. This may be a relingquishment of stubborn pride, a facoing of a challenge. Call it what you may.  Sanity at times translates into meaning back out, gain another balance line, relinquish the  the path that got you here and simply stop.  Choose to move forward in another direction.Set your own pace for a while.  Fix up and wait upon the winds of change blowing in another direction.  Your direction.  The one with SFM in mind.

The Internet of Things just stepped up a pace right? Meanwhile out in the real world how many  people are dumbing their minds down through repetitiously playing Supersoldier virtual games?

This dumbing down poses the question : does it matter if the good guy explodes a few bystanders ! !


Ask yourself which is worse a) being low frequency zapped and memories removed, or b) becoming so conditioned you accept things as a normal everyday occurrence?

'The Keys' or 'Keyless' more power in them there words. 

Locked in cells waiting for the 'Key Man" [prision guard] to turn the key in the lock enabling the prisoner's release the repetitive chant of 'The Keys'. Daily seeing the compliant 'keyless' prisoner's wandering past freely.  Yes, there would have been potent power in them there words.  

The power of a confinded freedom. Mid 1980s it was known that prisoners in certain prisons were 'keyless' they could walk anywhere they wanted to within the confines of the lifer's prisons if they partook in an experimental technological implantation project.  From there, the

From there, the prison system changed. Prisoners are now allowed to be 'house' detained. Why not recycle a great idea?  

In the mid 1990's wrist and ankle-brackets were attached to wandering patients within the hospital systems.  Staff are alerted should the patient wander too close to an exit. Once again the ankle tag had another use. 

Now there are ankle and wrist bracelets for people needing care on the Autism Spectrum.  Apps built to track the bracelet. Read "your child is to be microchipped " below.

These days the toilet bowl may be designed  to include 'outgoing' data collection services and the information sent through to a medical records collection center.  If this is your toilet bowl be careful who uses it as it is able to identify who the data has come from!

Early in the 2000's PhD students from a local university were talking about Nanotechnological advances.  Solar power collection processes where there are three cells of carbon in height 'laid ' out on a plastic sheeting and attached to the inside of windows.  From here environmental friendly actions took place.   Firstly the room was insulated from the suns light wave frequencies.  Secondly, the energy was turned into electricity and fed throughout the house.

What was amazing was how much information could be encrypted into one of these carbon cells.  And how invisible these nano-technology encrypted data was to the naked eye.

'Your child is to be microchipped' definate underlying dominance power in them there words

Now the European Union is 'chipping' all new born babies as of December 16th 2016.  The chip needs to be replaced every two or three years.

Scare you yet? This is what many people accepte norm 'now'  

Hungry?  Preselect the recipe, and allow the robotic to do the work.  Dinner is ready as you walk in.  Dishes are cleaned and put away. Kitchen immaculate.  Not what you want for dinner?  Then send the robot out.  They will drive the car, ask for your order at the fast food place.  Meanwhile, scan the iris of the teller to see if they are a marriageable partner for you or your best friend.

Although my mind grasps these things, living with them would take an astronomical freefalling leap forward - with no parachute- into a fantasy world of make-believe.

Where in reality these creative minds see a different reality.

Hang on Galileo drew helicopters. Anne McCaffery wrote about human brains being removed fromAutism, and being on the Autism Spectrum, living with high functioning autism sometimes means looking back or looking at Autism from perspective of Autism As A Gift  With Innovation or renovation some people obtain a newness of thought.  While others believe there is only greenness on the behalf of the individual  That greenness shows an imaturity level where the ones with eldership are undermind, Age has nothing o do with antuquity.  Senority is not the first-borns right. The primitiveness of these thoughts reaches back into antiquity.  Come with us on this journey moving forward.
'disabled bodies' and 'given new life' [read rewired] into high frequency orbiting spaceships. 

Tibetian Monks move objects through aligning up the primary focus point and channeling sounds of drums, trumpets and the 'OMMM' hum through that focal point.  The one-ton boulder  that is the target is moved upward and onward 250 meters.  Placed where it needs to be placed.  Similar to how ancients who are said to have utilized high frequency sound waves possibly build the wonders of the world.

Unlike the Monks, the security forces have been quietly preparing 'security' measures for mass crowd control.

Fantasy fact or fiction. Would, or could, this be the 'Peter Pan' syndrome came into effect the world over? The Peter Pan Syndrome is more than realizing the inner child from within. The Peter Pan syndrome is when a person does not want to, or simply feels unable to, grow up.  Therefore in the body of an adult there is a creative, or a destructive, mind of a child. One that will continue to rationalize and analyze every aspect of the 'why question' while setting about creating their reality answers.

Two powerful instructions

I'll leave the research to you.  Go find this out for yourself.  Computers and technology information is public.  Probably thanks to Wikileaks but we'll never know for sure.  But Internet and Business Onlne information seems to be harder to come by.

What I do know for sure is that I'm just starting to appreciate and begin to know the power of words. How the higher frequency and lower frequency sounding words affect people's minds and therefore possibly their decisions [ the "sell. sell, sell" or the trust building words]

Learning the basics of sharing online information these 'adventures are fascinating' and fun.  So here's to a way you too may be able to see, learn and be shown how this all fits into your today's plan for tomorrow.

Watch the videos... hit the banner of you dare.  But better yet make that fact or fiction comment below on how you find this posts information has opened your mind to "power in them there words"

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