Six Months to Six Figures Online Video Training

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Six Months to Six Figures Online Video Training

Are you an online marketer struggling to get the results or to know what the next steps you need to take are?

Or Are you an online marketer who has achieved good to excellent results and know the importance of continuous learning?

If you said yes to either of these questions, that you may wish to consider investing under $50 to have access to this course which is easily worth thousands.

Before I share with you with you what the Six Months to Six Figures Online Video Training is about, here's a quick word from the creator of the course Stuart Ross, the co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors, introducing the course.

What attracted me to the six figure mentors and the six months to six figures online video training is Stuart and the many successful names linked to this community who tell it like it is. From the guys at SatoriPrime who hold weekly Mastering Online Marketing Masterminds within the community to Greg and Fiona Scott who are now my personal mentors, I highly valued the critique and straight talk. Can we agree that there are thousands of other fluff and blind marketing tactics out there offering you the world but giving you pennies or worse yet, leaving you more confused? Well, i wanted to avoid that by all means possible and instead get a clear formula that if I applied, I could create my success.

The Six Months to Six Figures Online Video Training features Stuart Ross speaking candidly about his experience when he first started as an online marketer. He then walks through his key steps to success with clarity and lots of detail. The Video Training is a recording of a live private workshop he did with a select group of individuals that is now available to anyone who choose to check it out or be a part of the Six Figure Mentor Community. The cost to attend these live trainings with him run from $1000 USD to $8000 USD per person depending on the number of days.

The training is about learning the truth about building a profitable online business starting from scratch! The Six Months to Six Figures Online Video Training covers the following topics:
The Easiest Way to Make Money
Six Rules to Six Figures
Why Info Marketing
List Building
The Six Figure Mentors Formula
Marketing Funnel
Your Authority Website
Traffic & Lead Generation
Traits of Successful People
Getting Started

The training is just over 6 hours of video content including a really great snippet interview from Tony Robbins at the end. Some of the content is a little outdated, for example, he mentions emails to buyers lists as his primary source, that may have been good a few years ago when he started and did the training however once you get into the most current SFM training and tools you will see the focus is on social media sites like Facebook and Youtube and also how to effectively blog.

Now, if you are already a member of the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) community, and did not realize you had access to this course material for free, login to the app and you will find all this content under the home menu (first menu in the menu bar) by scrolling down and choosing "bonus course".

If you are not a member of the SFM community, you can have access to this course in two ways.

You can access the course alone:

This online course is usually $197 USD for non-members of the SFM community and is now available at the discounted price of $47. Go here to access that option.

You can apply to be a member of the SFM community:

You can apply to be a member of the SFM Community for $29.95 USD. If and once your application is approved, you will then have access to the SFM app portal and you would follow the same directions for members listed above to access the course.

Both of these options come with a 30-day money back guarantee. So would you pay either of those prices listed to sit at the feet of a multimillionaire who honestly shares his story and clear steps to success?

Well, I did and let me tell you I scribbling mad notes through the entire training and was in shock with the value I received that to this day, I'm applying to successfully build my online brand and business. Visit my website Freedom Mompreneur by Design to learn more about me and the SFM community, training and systems.

So the real question is, do you keep doing what you are doing and getting the same results or do you invest under $50 USD and 6 hours of your time to have a quantum leap in your results?

I know I'm deeply grateful for the decision I made and I will honour whatever decision you choose.

Thanks for stopping by, I welcome your comments and questions below. I hope you found value in this blog post on the Six Months to Six Figures Online Video Training.