The Frogs of blogging

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Have you ever heard about the Frogs of Blogging?

What we call frogs of blogging are those small and inconvenient creatures who like to eat the content of your blog. These digital frogs are craving for your creation and your offered value bite by bite.

What happens with them? How come you find them everywhere on your website or on the internet?

The frogs are not something else than the grammar mistakes, the wrong meaning of your words,  wrong targeted pictures, links which are not syncronized with your content, wrong description, and the confusion between quantiy and quality.

Moreover, the frogs are the wrong keywords that you might use, they can be the bad titles or a bad headlines or even the wrong internal/external links that you put in there. 

In fact, there is no blog without frogs.

You absolutely agree that due to the content of your blog, your audience becomes bigger.

In the same time, there is plenty of space for a much more higher increase in viewers if you erease the frogs out of your writting. 

What makes a frog bigger is the visibility of your mistake. You must see your mistakes whether they are big or small.   


Where do the frogs come from?

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”

-Mahatma Gandhi-

What is more interesting about "the frogs" is that, not only they come from the outside of your blog, but also from the inside- exactly from you.

We are people, therefore we are open to commit mistakes. 

How to win against the Frogs

It is vital to admit that you are exposed to the frog invasion in your content, therefore you must take precausions for your next blogging target:

Precaution #1 : Check your spelling mistakes 

You may encounter many mistakes or things that you are not aware of at first. Therefore a second check of your writting would be much more beneficial for your "quality check".

Precaution #2 : Read your content aloud using your own voice 

This is one of the most important precaustion method because it makes all the difference. Reading aloud allows you to identify yourself in the skin of your reader. What the reader sees are the images, the headlines, and the keywords of your articles. But what the viewer read is the information of your content, the idea between the lines and the feelling of peer-to-peer connetion with the writer. 

Precaution #3: SEO must be done by the book 

The "Keywords" are your army against the frog invasion.  

What you cannot do, you can change. The SEO is an important piece of the whole puzzle because it changes the way internet relates to your content. More exactly how the "web crawler" appeals to your keywords.

By definition, a webcrawler is "a computer program that retrieves data from a website, as in order to index web pages for a search engine." 

The only way to win your battle against the frog invasion is to use the keywords in order to win the "webcrawler's sympaty".

Your content may be the King, but the webcrawler is the Queen most of the time.

So don't leave yourself open to small mistakes which are the worst of your enemies. Check out a method that will help you increase your business and will allow you to clean up your networking mistakes.

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