The Journey Inside

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The Journey inside!

I am very lucky that I have the ability to analyse data and review/graph, chart and map out information for reports using Excel.

I gained insight into this through an advanced excel course and over time trial and error discovered various shortcuts to enhance my skills and integrated these into the customer and internal management presentations

The only problem that I have discovered with this is that I don’t use this valuable information to gain personal wealth but rather use to help companies improve relationships with their customers – which is what I love doing bit if you have followed my story you will know that recently I was made redundant despite 15 years of service. This awakening point is something that I want to help others understand that it can happen to you. As technology and population trends change there are no guarantees that investing time in a “company” will ensure security. My message isn’t to get you negative about this but rather to give you the opportunity to think about what other options are available now for you to invest time and money into to protect your future.

I discovered a growth and personal development program that also taught me the value of my skills and uniqueness to give these back to the world and enjoy personal freedom.

This is an internal discovery opportunity that has opened up opportunities for me and others.

I am discovering that my talents are needed in multiple places and as a consultant fresh doors are opening up for me enabling me to do the things that I want to do.

Why not check it out! You have nothing to lose!

It's up to me


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