Work Life Change Treadmill to Everest

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Video 21-3-18

I need a work life change as i currently feel a little trapped in my conventional 8 to 6 job commuting to London and only getting a very little time at the end of each day to try and do what i really want to do and the reward i get for all those hours only just keeps pace with what i need and there is no real chance of that changing drastically. This feels like i am currently on a treadmill for many hours then when i get off i am a little bit fitter perhaps but i am in the same place having gone nowhere.

Imagine the difference because with this new journey i am on i feel like i am running up Everest in comparison because it is so exciting, thrilling, getting me way much fitter and i am going to end up in such a different position as time goes on. I will be working on an online business that works for me 24-7 giving me the time to spend on all the inspiring things i want to do with my young family, friends and hobbies and pastimes i previously did not have the time for.

If you are intersted perhaps you should take a look at the below link like i did a few months ago and see if this new journey is for you, my mentors that are currently guiding me can give you all the details in a free video series.

I am currently in full time employment and my mentors put me in touch with others who show me how they transitioned into this new digital arena that is the fastest growing market there is. They set out clear steps to take, in an easy to follow format.

The best thing about this new journey i am on is not just the change in actual job but the personal development path it has put me on all part of the clear steps i mentioned. You take an overall look at what you want in life not just job but lifestyle, desires what's really important to you travel, family, hobbies and interests and then get shown how to plan out action steps to acheive these different aspects in your life.

So even before i have transitioned i feel in such a better place now knowing that i am on coarse to change different areas of my life in the direction i want them to go, so if you want a work life change or are just curious as to what it is all about then click below and take the first step to your version of running up Everest.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a professional and i am simply sharing personal experiences, wisdom, knowledge and understanding that have helped me.  

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