Why is AWeber my preferred autoresponder!

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Hey guys, in this post I'll share my experiences with AWeber and tell you why, after trying quite a few other autoresponders(Mail Chimp, Get Response, InfusionSoft), I ended up to the conclusion that AWeber is the best autoresponder for me. Let's start with the begining...

What is an autoresponder?

As the name pretty much suggests, an autoresponder is an automated system that replies to people that are subscribing to your list. It's a massive help in keeping the initial communication flowing - all you need to do is setup a few email templates that will hopefully get your leads more engaged and willing to move to the next step(buy or use your services). Have a look at the video at the top of this post for more details on the features and benefits AWeber provides. By using an email autoresponder you can turn more of your website visitors into leads and eventually into paying customers. If you're spending resources to get people on your site, that doesn't necessarily mean they are ready to buy then and there. You need to make sure you'll also be around when they are ready to proceed and this is why nowadays an autoresponder together with a lead capture system(like Simple Lead Capture) is an invaluable asset to any business.

So why AWeber?

What I love about AWeber is their user interface - it's step-by-step, straight forward and really easy to use. Their customer service is awesome, email deliverability is spot on and you can scale up with no issues whatsoever. All
other autoresponders I tried had issues on one of these aspects. I am using Aweber for all my list building campaigns, all the SFM members are using it also and there are happy days all around.

If you're new to email marketing, there is a very interesting and straight to the point archive of video tutorials - after about half an hour or so you'll be building and managing your lists like a pro. AWeber also hosts regular live webinars where they demo all the new features and give marketing advice. You can also check out their blog - quite a few hidden tips on there. AWeber is a no brainer by any standard. Be proactive, the 30 days trial is just $1! Your competition is probably already using it.

To your success,

TIP: Go into your AWeber account and delete all people that have unsubscribed from your lists. AWeber takes those into consideration also in their pricing algorithm so by deleting them, you only pay for active subscribers.

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