Why TODAY is the best time to start an Online Business.

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If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would need to build an online presence in order to navigate the terrain of our tech-world today: I would have thought of them to be an internet fanatic and crazy.

It was my prime and having a life where all your information is online seemed quite bizarre if I may say so boldly.

It is only now that I can look backward and see why it would have been important to think about the future carefully. You may be in the same position today. Wondering if building a site or starting an online business is for you.

If you take a good look around you will see a proliferation of computer systems. It's everywhere!

I mean take a look at the banking system. We don't have to go to the banks anymore with our phones and smart screens. We are able to do all we need at home. With the advent of the Internet of Things, all "things" are connected. 

What does this mean for an average joe like you and me?

Simply stated, we have to rethink our methods of operations to fit in the model that is being built automatically. I foresee a time when the lack of an online profile will make you a person of interest. A time where systems will be well integrated and all we need is probably a chip to be connected to the internet grid. This is already happening.

It is already happening! The major question in terms of business is what does this mean for you and me?

This probably means the structure, and paradigm of business has to conform too. The financial sector is catching up with bitcoin and other methods to measure value and keep records.

According to an article in Forbes, white collar automation is prevalent. This gives some people nightmares of being replaced. The dreams are becoming more vivid for some more than others.

The bad and the good sides of technology are becoming very pronounced each day.

For those who already have an online business going, you know some of the trends that technology is taking- the impact can't be ignored. For those unaware here are some points to consider.

  1. Mobile solutions: companies such as Google and Facebook are changing the way business is working. By making it possible to run your business remotely. You can do anything anywhere, build ideas on the go.
  2. Reduced technicality: you no longer have to be so technical to begin something for yourself. The platforms running on concepts like cloud computing have changed the way things work. Now all you need is an installed application to do most of what you need.
  3. Customer Segmentation: with more data being collected, a lot of information leads to better choices. You can now target the person you want to target. Customer segmentation has been made easy.
  4. Customer-Client Connectivity: its easier to get connected today than it has ever been. 
  5. Decreasing cost, increasing functionality: the costs of accessing highly functional computing space has never been lower. You don't need to buy a cluster of nodes at 10,000$ + when you can rent space at 30$ per month and complete the same functionality.

The advantages as to why now is the right time to think about starting an online business are high. There could not be a better time than today.

You have to really be bat blind not to see it.

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As hard as it would have been to believe someone 5 years ago, its evident that the world has changed. 

The question now is what choice are you making to propel you towards your potential as trends continue to change. How will you fare when our daily jargon is our online profiles and business is run through complex business channels online?

The choice is up to you.