Carlos Batista

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After building a successful career in the corporate world for 26 years, I faced a dramatic change in my life when the person who’s career I had followed and help build during that time, decided I was no longer needed.

Thankfully the skills and knowledge I developed in personal development over 10 years in my spare time, now provided me with the ability to get over the initial shock and realise that all I had been doing was building someone else’s dream at the expense of my own.

With two teenage sons about to embark on their career paths, I decided that I was going to devote my time to motivating others, share my skills and knowledge and show them that we all have unique talents and the capability to achieve anything we set our mind to. We are not ruled by the hamster wheel mindset that we are taught in education system and in society.

I embarked on an education journey which taught me to use technology to share my skills and knowledge and with that I have built my own business in the digital economy which is where I discovered time and financial freedom to live life on my terms.