Jill Harding

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Hi a little bit about me (Jill)
I’m 55 years young & live life to the fullest every day.
my mission in life is to help save mother earth any way I can.
so my children & grandchildren have a safe & beautiful place to grow up.
to do this I found an online education company, that has taught me to become an online marketing influencer.
so that I could not only gain financial freedom, but also time and location freedom,
giving me the ability to for fill all my ambitions and dreams
now I plan on teaching as many people as I can how they to can become online marketing influencers, to help save this beautiful planet,
my blog will contain photos & information about all the things I love,( travels, cooking, healthy living,& building our new home) & how I achieve them and how you can too.
it will also contain story's of my journey, from changing my mundane life, to a life of adventure, I hope you enjoy the adventures with me
see you soon Jilly