Erika Strömsten

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I am a curious person and enjoy learning from others, probably also contributing to the various courses and activities I have been working and living with over the years.
Even if I rank experience higher than education you will perhaps notice some "occupational hazards" of my formal skills / licenses; Psychologic neuro-organizational sports cognitive, sports psychologist, international acupuncture, medical yoga teacher, taiji instructor, laser therapist, acupressure therapist, qigong therapist. I have also been a teacher in sports physiology, group psychology, management psychology at sports medicine, civil engineering program at university.
I have conducted research at universities based on multivariate statistical analysis with a focus on sleep, health and coping- behavior strategies, ie statistical programs for about 300 factors and more than 3,000 individuals.

Working with both the body and the head has always been in my life and I have spent most of my time over the years in sports such as practitioner, coach, board member, development manager, physical therapist, sports psychologist, etc.
This has led me to live in different places and at present I live in Umeå, Sweden.

Otherwise, I am a transparent person and usually express what I feel without censoring much, which is very appreciated usually but a little less successful at times, above all, I feel that the property is stimulating for me in general.

I had / have the privilege to participate in many contexts, educations, jobs, and above all I meet tremendous people with great insight and compassion, it is also my own momentum, to create something nice for all of us!

It is going to be a real challange for me to express myself in words, for me it is much easier to express through images and it is also my strongest learning and emotional channel, it triggers me more to action, so please comment and discuss my bloggs so I come in to flow!
I have two daughters and a cat!

Erika Strömsten