She has Cervical Cancer Stage IIIB, She lost her hope

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Betha is my inlaw, she has been diagnosed with stage IIIB cervical cancer but this was not an easy journey to her. She was sick for many years and experienced severe discharge, and later she was diagnosed with cancer. She has lost hope, she mentioned and spoke to me, i will not survive. I keep explaining, you will be fine with the treatment.  This has lead me to open an NGO to support other women in Tanzania with similar situation where she got ...
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Na Wewe Unastahili Kusoma Elimu ya Juu

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Nilichelewa kujiunga na masomo ya kidato cha tano, matokeo yalipotangazwa nimefaulu mtihani wa kidato cha nne, ilikuwa ni njema yenye msisimko. Iliyo nikuta kati kati ya kazi ya utengenezaji barabara nikiwa mwendesha mitambo ya choronga barabara. Ujenzi wa barabara ulishika kasi. Na hii ilikuwa sehemu yangu ya kujidai nikusubiri majibu.  Habari zilienea kuwa nimefaulu mtihani wa kidato cha nne. Na ndugu zangu waliniita nikakae kwako. Haikuwa safari rahisi pale waliponiambia nenda machimbo katafute pesa ya ada.  Nikiwa machimbo, majibu yalitoka nimepangiwa Njombe Sekondari.  ...
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How To Establish Financial Stability To Become Financially Independent In Life

by Sandra Kiers Finance
I personally believe that life is so much easier when one is financially secure and stable than living a life with less more or without money Maybe you have the same believe like me, if that be the case, and if you are interested in establishing financial stability to become financial independent in life, "CLICK HERE" to continue reading and you will discover the tools & principle that will help you achieve financial stability to reach your goals in life... Learn More
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How Much Will You Need to Retire Comfortably?

by Jan Olof Nilsson Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Finance
Retire comfortably by applying a few simple rules  To retire comfortably is for sure a desire for every single person. I mean, you have a long life of working behind you, so there should be no reason to suffer the remaining part of your life. The truth, however, is often a different story. Many have to downgrade their lifestyle when realizing the amount of money they have to live on for this period of life. As you approach retirement, you probably feel both ...
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Discover How You Can Make Your First 10k On The Internet

by Sandra Kiers Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Finance
Make Money On The Internet To Live Your Best Lifestyle  Is no longer a secret that online shopping has gone wild... 3 of the 4 people you know must have bought products or service on the internet... Anything you buy online is from people like you and me, making lots of money even while at sleep, while on the vacation... Why not take advantage? After all the internet has made it possible for our generation to make easy money than the ...
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by Anyeyure Adongo Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Investing
Wealth creation, and by extension Financial freedom has long been one of the primary motivational factors for individuals within any society. Humans are naturally inclined towards the pursuit of prosperity and wealth, due to the gathering of resources being highly effective in aiding one’s chances of survival throughout the prehistoric years of our species. Consequently, millions and millions of people including students, the unemployed youth, disgruntled employees, and those looking to retire in dignity all fret about how they can ...
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How To Achieve Financial Stability, And Time Freedom To Live a Successful Lifestyle

by Sandra Kiers Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
 Achieving Financial-Stability, And Time-Freedom  Financial-stability, and time freedom are some of the greatest achieve there is to live life to the fullest. Let say because you are working hard for money to survive you have the limited time to live the lifestyle that you truly want to be living Off cos being a hard worker is tough to have a good life-balance I have been there myself, and I know how frustrating it could be if you are not be able to ...
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How To Create Financial Stability Before Starting To Have Kids

by Sandra Kiers Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Home and Family, Reference and Education
To have finacial-stability before starting to have kids!!!! If you want to get your finances in order before starting a family, kudo to you because it is very important to be financially stable before having kids!!! And financial instability affects children’s emotional, and social development negatievly Financial stability before starting a family does not means that you must be rich, it’s about your capability to take proper care of your kids financially when it comes to proving good home, food, drinks, safest, ...
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Importance Of Financial Stability In Family

by Sandra Kiers Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Home and Family
Financial-stability-in-family enables the family to access a good home, health care, food, clothes, good education for the children, and other necessities to have a good life-balance But too many families with young children around the world face persistent financial hardship impacting their well-being, and happiness   AbstractPast research consistently indicates that poverty and economic hardship have negative consequences for children. Few studies, however, have examined whether these consequences persist into adulthood. This study addresses this gap by assessing whether economic resources in ...
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How To Build Strong Financial Security

by Sandra Kiers Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Reference and Education
To have strong financial security for a good lifestyle, you must have a business that will make you non-stop money 24/365 day, a business that will make you money while you sleep, while you are on vacation traveling the world But if you have a business that you must always work to get money or if you work for a boss trading your time for money your finance is not secure at all  Because you cannot continue trading your time for ...
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Why You Should Never Ignore Financial Crisis

by Sandra Kiers Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Reference and Education
You should never ignore the fact that financial crisis can happen to anyone, even if you are earning enough now, it can still happen to you. The recent situation with the epidemy had made businesses struggle financially, and increase the level of poverty  Recent estimates for global poverty are that 9.2% of the world, or 689 million people, live in extreme poverty on $1.90 or less a day, according to the World Bank. Poverty is really, and it’s no friend or enemy of nobody it can happen if you don’t do ...
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Strategy To Solve Money Problems To Become Financial Independent

by Sandra Kiers Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
The solution to money problems? Maybe you have a financial crisis that needs to be resolved or you want to prevent not having money problem in the future In either way, you are fighting to have financial stability, and I give you kudo for it because to have financial freedom is life, and it worth fight for People often say that money is not important, if that was true why do people work for a boss that they don’t like, doing the ...
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by Zoltan Bogdan Business, Finance
It's totally possible to learn how to change your life and live your dreams – it might not feel like it could be that way, but it's true.  If you look around, there is always someone in the world who grew up in a similar place, time, and situation as you, who managed to change their life for the better. But just because it's possible to change your life doesn't mean it's easy. I've made considerable changes in my life more times than ...
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What are multiple income streams?

by David Harborne Business, Finance, Investing
👉Most people have a job and get a salary as their reward – this is a one-way type of income stream.  Having multiple streams of income means that a person is receiving income from several income streams at once.  There are many types of income stream, but in the following posts, we focus primarily on online passive (or residual) income strategies. ❓ What is your take away? #financialfreedom #multipleincomestreams #makemoneyonline #passiveincome
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Free Bitcoins for everybody?

by Aldona Gholamzadeh Business, Computers and Technology, Finance
It's a game, but you can really earn bitcoins with it? How? First, you must be using Telegram app on your phone. If you don't have it, please download it now. Then you install this game by clicking this link How to play this game? Step 1: Go Contract -> hire Robot Step 2: Go Robots -> Collect energy every hour Step 3: Go Shop -> Sell energy to get diamantes balance ...
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9 Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Can Make You a Fortune

by Jelmer Steenhuis Business, Computers and Technology, Finance, Investing
Cryptocurrencies seem to be starting a new bull market and things are looking bright for the crypto space as a whole. However, we need to understand that cryptocurrencies were created over ten years ago in order to reduce the need for using intermediaries while handling our money. Why was Cryptocurrency Created? With Bitcoin (BTC), we do not need anymore to depend on a centralized authority or government to handle our funds. Everything is performed in a decentralized and safe way of using ...
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by Silvino De Carvalho Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Self Improvement
Okay, so I'm not going to give you some money. But ill do the next best thing, I will help you get it yourself. Now, let us start with how much money there is in the world. $90.4 Trillion approximately...this is how that would look $ 90 40000 000000 this is not cryptocurrency included, okay now let us have a look at the number of people in the world according to Worldometer. We are approximately 7.8 billion people on earth and ...
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by Neil Meyers Relationships, Finance, Self Improvement
For more Elysium''s Passage Blog Posts, go to  for over 120 links or for the host site   MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE  This picture of Marilyn might seem like a parody about our fixation on money, but it's not. Nor is this post supposed to be a how-to article on getting rich. Rather, I wish to provide a template for what I understand to be the certain preconditions for materializing unfulfilled desires. The topic of manifestation is expansive since it’s all about the innumerable facets to our ...
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8 Ways You Can Achieve More Financial Freedom

by Reeve Scharneck Finance, Self Improvement
Ever struggle to make your money last until the end of the month? Looking for some tips on how to save money? If you’re looking for more financial freedom in your life, then this post is exactly for you. Let’s jump right in. Cancel Unused Subscriptions Cancel subscriptions which don’t add any value to your life anymore. That iTunes subscription? That gym subscription? That cable TV subscription? If you aren’t using it anymore, get rid of it. The subscription amount might be small, but all these small amounts ...
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by Corina Ungureanu Finance, Book Reviews, Communications
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