27 and still living at Home

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Let me help you paint a picture of where I am coming from for this blog. My name is Alex 27 years old man, born and raised in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia(just happens so it's raining today as well). Living in this same house for 27 years of my existence. 

Go it? Your probably thinking "what!", "how?", "you must be lazy"..regardless, I hope to shed some light on my experience and what I have done towards my plan of escape

So for those who live in Sydney you may immediately have some understanding, but for those who don't heres some facts and figures. At the beginning of this year, the 'Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey' was completed, it was found that Sydney ranked #2 just behind HongKong as the 'least affordable city' in the property market. The average house costs a staggering $1.1 million dollars! and the average Joe doesn't even earn one tenth of the amount!

I can feel my chest tensing up just writing that! The thought alone can paralyse you.

We all grow up with dreams and goals, one of my goals was to move with my partner by the time I'm 25 or 26, a modest house at reasonable distance from work(I didn't mention I commute 1hour plus to work everyday). It seems all perfect in your mind right? When you are young you believe you have all the time in the world. I'm sure you can all relate how long one year took as a child right?

But here I am after blink on of an eye, BOOM! I'm 27. The desk I'm writing this on was for my woodwork high school project. I happen to know which year that was because I just happened to of scribed 'Made in 2009 by Alex' without a thought to the Alex of 2018. I want to be independent, I want don't want to burden my parents anymore. I want to begin my life.

Now for those who can relate to me, do not lose faith! No.. I have not purchased a house or anything to solidify what I'm about to tell you will work, but hopefully this will give some lightbulb moments for whatever goals you have. 2018 has been a big year for me as a person, I've learnt a lot of things from my mentors (I'll disclose on a later date). Powerful statements. 'Imperfect action is better then no action','Stop learn Start Dying'. I'll write in another blog about my big change.

When I talk about moving out, I'm talking about owning my first property. I have a goal of minimum 20% deposit because in Australia we have something called LMI(Lenders Mortgage Insurance), why pay more when you don't have to? I simply am not a believer in renting(why continually pay for something you don't own). It may work for others but not me.

First things first, I believe these methods will only work if you are absolutely committed, you need to condition your mind to do these things, change doesn't happen overnight. You need to be patient.

So the following things is what I, me, Alex has personally done, it may not work with you but I hope you get lightbulb moments on similar things you can do. These are the things I did towards saving for my first property BUT they can be applied for others things too. So here they are:

  1. Create a personal monthly expense report, it surprising to how many people by my age have not ever created an expense report, including me. As long as that paycheck covers your needs and your bank account is creeping higher, it's all good right!? Sometimes we are reluctant to see how much we are really spending, it can be eye opener and motivate you to change.
  2. Pick up a personal development book. I used to think pfft who reads books in this digital age?. But something prompted me to pick one up, and the value and content you find can be life changing! It helps you think outside the box. Learn something you've never learnt! You'll discover things you want to learn that you never knew existed. Get behind a good book!
  3. Now I'm not an introvert, but I'm not extroverted either, somewhere in the middle, but something I never used to do was get opinions from other people. I thought why burden them with my problems? I'll get to the point, seek professional advice, not saying to go splash money on consultants but ask those you know who have achieved similar goals, we all know that 'someone'. If not join groups and communities, there a plenty of people with the same goal as you. It's hard to do this alone. 
  4. We all have been there including me, January 1st, "I'm going to get that gym membership and get ripped!", and only to find half way through march your motivation is dead in the water. One thing that I find super helpful is find an accountability partner, someone who has similar goals and genuine cares for your progression. Having someone there to keep in line.

    Now this works both ways you fire each other up, so it's crucial you pick someone like you. It doesn't have to be a person who you can see every week, it can be online as long you can regularly communicate. Teamwork makes the dreamwork (Yes I said it).

With all this in action, I am working towards my goal of getting my first property soon and esacpe!. Maybe you're in the same boat as me, but regardless I hope the above 4 steps can help you get closer to your goals. As I said changes do not happen overnight, little by little just like how water has formed the beautiful grand canyons over millions of year, time will do it's job, but don't take too long!

Hopefully I've helped you get a little closer to your dream and goals!

Thank you for your time, this is my first blog post, I would LOVE to hear some feedback, please comment and share your thoughts.

Wishing you the best!


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