What you need to start you online business.

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  I have tried some businesses the traditional way, I suppose this is all because I was thinking in a way that needed some elevation. It is only recently that my thinking channels were cleared to let through a new way of thinking.

  I mean think about it, one no longer needs to set up a physical location to make things work. You don't have to go from door to door looking for customers. You can use email-based marketing, you can draw up an avatar and specifically target such people. How the times have changed!

  The last business I did in farming did not go well however, I learned a lot.

  The best lesson I learnt after some failures are that there are many ways of thinking and one way is not always the best. It may take pulling together a couple of techniques to make a business work in this era.

  There was a time when doing a mere transaction online sent chills down people's spines. If the internet was a person, he/she would be heavily persecuted for availing a means for fraudulent crimes and sinister transactions. However, we are now in a time of the IoT (Internet of Things). 

  Everything at a certain point will have an internet address and will be connected. So it only makes sense to me now to start looking at the internet as an indispensable part of our life.

  I want to train this conversation towards business since the internet is no longer an option in our daily business transactions. What do we need to fully integrate and start something online that can make us money?

  Here are some takeaway pointers for the things you need to start your online expedition:

  1. It is not free: people have this notion that because one is beginning an online business it should be free and I wonder why? I won't lie for some reason I had the same misconception, I said to myself, "since it is online this is going to be free and easy." it was a rude awakening when I found out I had to invest some significant amount of money to begin this journey. If you have a mentality for free things then maybe this is not the arena for you. Think about it, when have you ever begun a good business without any investments?
  2. It is not fast: I am sorry to burst your bubble but this process is not fast. If you are lacking in patience and endurance maybe these are some of the things you will need to catch up on. There are days when things look awesome and there are other days when its a cold winter day but this doesn't mean that the results will not come. Most of the businesses I have done have had an investing period of 5 months minimum. This has helped me learn to wait patiently before I see results. It is a great trait if you are going to make it online.
  3. Yeah, I guess you know my next point: it is not easy! When it comes to setting up authority sites, marketing funnels, autoresponders for email marketing, buying domains and linking them up with other platforms it is not easy. On top of this, you need to have an ownership mentality, you are the one who is running the show if things do not work out, you are the variable in these equations. Make it work.
  4. Most of the platforms are already set: in order to do some good work on the internet you will need some functionality which you may not have the necessary resources to set up for example if you are into email marketing you may take way longer to set up a platform to help you do that, rather most of these platforms are already set up and constitute what you are going to pay for in your initial subscriptions. Using these platforms is advantageous because some are already ranked in search engines, and they have the clientele that you may need such a platform is facebook or twitter they can help you grow your lists steadily from their databases.
  5. Fail fast and forward: don't be afraid to try out new things because when you operate in fear you will not learn some of the essential principles that will help you to grow. Fail and grow, you will become better as you make more mistakes.

Today I am touching on attitudes you need in order to make it online, I will touch on the technical aspect soon however what I have stipulated above is of critical importance if one is going to make it in this global community.

The competition is high more so now that people are realizing the potential in online connectivity. Your attitude as you come in plays a huge percentage in whether you are going to make it or fail.

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