Daily Planning...Awareness and Focus

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Daily Planning...Awareness and Focus

Do you ever get so much going that you seem to never get any of it done? With your journey in life, things can get a bit overwhelming at times. This has for many instances been my experience. I start out in the morning with lots of good intentions but sometimes fail to outline what I need to accomplish during the day. If you are like most, you have a lot going on. Life seems too short to get everything done. 

With this age of so much information at our fingertips, it can become very easy to get sidetracked from one thing that seemed important at the start, onto other things that might seem to take over, at least for the moment. The remedy for this can come in a number of ways. What might work for one person may not always work for others. With this in mind, I use the strategy I started with when I first started building homes in my younger days. I worked for a lot of different contractors and bosses working my way up. I would take what I thought was the best they had to offer and put it into my arsenal of what would eventually come to be my line of knowledge and expertise. I now do the same thing in the interests which I have now. 


Much of my process involves awareness and focus. I start out my morning with a short period of meditation after which I focus on the things I feel are important to accomplish during the day. Of course, writing them down in a planner is a must for me because it gives me a reference point I can refer back to during the day and an overview of what has been accomplished throughout the day and what still needs attention. In the evening going over the day planner also gives me time to make notes for the next day. 

Get it over with

One thing I do is to try to take on the most difficult or less enjoyable action that needs to be finished, first. Not only does this give me a feeling of accomplishment but allows me to look at the rest of the day with not as much trepidation. Of course, this takes discipline and focus as well as daily practice before it becomes a habit. Once this becomes a habit you will notice that your life will become less hectic and frustrating. life is a journey and a learning process. It does not stay the same. Change is inevitable. Change is good. 

Don't get discouraged if you don't manage to get everything you outlined, all done in one day. Your planner is just that. A plan, an outline, a list of proposed goals. There will always be tomorrow, or at least let's hope there is. 

As I stated, the outline that works for one, may not work for the other. There are a lot of opinions and varieties regarding scheduling and planning. Take what you think is best from one and structure it into your plan of action. Add to it as it becomes necessary, take out what doesn't work, make notes of what is most productive. Make it yours! 

What's next?

In upcoming blogs I will go more in-depth on what can be implemented in a daily and weekly planner to make your life more productive and successful. Also, check out my videos as they become available. Till next time enjoy your productive day.


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