Do not waste your pain, embrace your frustrations.

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There was a time in my life when I had it all. I had money in my pocket. I had a home to stay. Assured of two meals a day. I was growing really fatter each day.

It reminds me of that song. Hakuna Matata, that is the life I was living. What a wonderful phrase indeed. Life was smooth, no worries about rent or the land Lord coming to knock at your door. Those days when you pretend you are not at home and then your phone rings inside the house. See your life!

It was all cool beans lkie my friend likes to say then we had to go and grow up! My goodness, sometimes I look back and really see how things were smooth. Right now there are many demands on my life, demands on my time, demands on my money everywhere I turn I remember how this is not up to speed. How this part is lacking.

I normally take some time to look and evaluate my life in the view of my goals. How far have I come now that I am in control of my life? No parent to tell me to go and read. There is no teacher to come early morning to wake me up so that I can go make sure my adverts are running well. I remember when we were in boarding school, the times we knew a female teacher was on duty we would act the fool when she came to pick us up for morning prep. We would either close the doors or set a water trap on top of the door for her. All this foolery was because we had not seen the reality of the future.

When those evaluation times come, I have to be sincere with myself on Why I am doing the things I am doing. The motivation, the reason why determines the length of the path that I will get to.

Why are you doing what you are doing? Why are you striving to be a better you in life? 

The answer is the pain. What pain?

Have you ever been in a situation where maybe you have someone sick and you have no way or a penny to take them to the hospital? Have you ever woken up early in the morning and you feel lost, this world suddenly feels like it can't accommodate you? Have you ever regretted marrying someone because you felt they were better off in their parent's home? Have you ever carried burdens so heavy you begun to lose weight?

Have you ever dreaded going to work? Your boss is unfair to you for no reason but you just have to do what you have to do? 

Have you ever felt the pain of living a mediocre life, when you are disillusioned about even the education you got? The time when you lose all your confidence everyone can notice? I have been through that.

That is the pain I am talking about. 

When I remember the time we were at home and no one had a coin to buy tomatoes. I swear in my heart never to go back to that situation. I use my pain to charge my movement towards my goals.

What is your pain? It could be anything. Your pain is valuable? Are you suffering to provide for your family? Are you struggling to start an online business so you can have some time with your wife and kids? You need to embrace your pain in order to move far. Don't shun it or put it aside because it constitutes of the fire that burns within you to propel you to your dreams.

Thanks you for reading. 

Till later.

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