Don't Wait! Join The Digital Gold Rush!

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Don't wait! Join The Digital Gold Rush!

In this blog post I will give tips on how to get involved in and stake your claim in the Digital Gold Rush.

What is the digital gold rush?

Throughout history, anytime there has been a discovery of a valuable commodity or resource, people have rushed to claim their share and make their fortune. Some examples of this have been;

  • The discovery of the New World.
  • The California Gold Rush.
  • The Pennsylvania Oil Rush.
  • The Dot Com boom.

Anyone reading this blog is would have not been alive to experience the first 3 'rushes' on the list. Some may have been there to see the Dot Com boom, but did you make your fortune? Probably not.

As is invariably the case, a select few made awesome amounts of money and alot more made nothing or lost everything chasing their tresure.

So with such a small chance of making it, why get involved? 

Here is the difference...

Rather than everybody scrambling for a limited resource, such as gold or oil, the Digital Gold Rush refers to the move to an entirely different and distinct economy. This economy is here to stay, but, as with everything, the earlier you are involved, the easier it is to get a bigger piece of the pie.

What is the Digital Economy?  

In the strict sense of the term, the Digital Ecomony refers to an economy based on digital computing technologies. In the context that we use it, it's more accurate to say that it refers to conducting business through online markets, with the internet and world wide web as your workplace.

Digital Economy vs Traditional Economy.

As a co-owner of a business in the 'traditional economy' and an online entrepreneur - persuing the digital gold rush - I feel that I am uniquely qualified to speak on the question of digital vs traditional economies.

There will always be a need for - or at least for the foreseeable future - the pre-digital, traditional industries. Such as agriculture, construction and transport. As long as that demand is present, there will be viable business opportunities and money to be made.

However, there are some big differences with the newer digital world, from the point of view of an entrepreneur. We could take the retail industry as an example.

Think of what it might cost you to start your own company in the 'traditional' retail industry. We can call it your 'bricks and mortar' retail space. Some of what you would need to consider would be;

  • Finding and renting/leasing or purchasing a suitable retail unit.
  • Hiring staff.
  • Purchasing stock.
  • Likelihood of having to work weekends.
  • Relying on pre-existing foot-fall, word of mouth and traditional forms of advertising to generate business. 
  • In order to scale your business up, you may have to hire more staff, increase your stock purchase orders and/or modify your premises.

 Now compare this to an online retail business working in the digital market place. Some advantages over the bricks and mortar one would be;

  • Work from home - no need for retail unit and associated costs.
  • No need for staff.
  • You don't even need stock. You can sell someone elses product through an affiliate marketing programme.
  • Flexable working hours.
  • Generate your own virtual 'foot-fall' through increasing internet traffic to your website. 
  • Your online business is easily scalable using online tools and techniques.

You can easily see the advantages of an online start up business, compared to a 'real world' or 'traditional' start up and with the potential profits to be made, you can also see where the term Digital Gold Rush comes from.

How to get involved.

One of the easiest routes to take when starting your online business is through an affiliate programme. It includes all of the advantages mentioned above and then some. There are lots of affiliate programmes out there to choose from, but you need to think carefully about which one you opt for. One of the main considerations when choosing is to make sure to choose a merchant who sells high ticket price products.

High Ticket Price.

What I mean by choosing high ticket price products is, picking expensive goods or services to sell. The reason why this is so important is, say if you are a registered affiliate for a merchant who sells clothes and they agree to pay you 10% commission on each sale. You generate the sale of a t-shirt for $15, so you earn your $1.50 - but consider also after you work out the cost of your advertising, it averages out costing you $1 per sale. Not a very profitable business and certainly not the kind of figures that will allow you that financial and time freedom that we all dream about. 

By comparison, if you generate the sale of say an i-phone X, again for 10% of the and your advertising works out at $1 per sale, now your onto a good business model and on the way to joining the gold rush! 

Another thing to look out for when choosing which company to affiliate for is an 'Integrated Product Suite' ~ Stuart Ross. 

Product Suite and Sales Funnel.

If I can use Apple again as an example. When they sell you a new i-phone, lets say you love it and think - what a great product. When you consider buying a tablet, you will very likely purchase an i-pad. A laptop - guess what - you'll want a Mac Book. Not only are these all great products, but they are also able to be connected through one account and work effortlessly together. What Apple have very cleverly done is set up a system where customers are drawn through a kind of 'sales funnel' with each product integrated with the next and getting higher in price all while still building the brands customer loyalty.

Six Figure Mentors.

You might be thinking - 'I don't know anything about marketing, how is this my ticket to join the digital gold rush?' 

This is where Six Figure Mentors or SFM comes in. The SFM is a company that includes all of the essential criteria that I have mentioned above, but crucially it is also an incredible training platform which includes access to a community of like-minded people to chat and share issues with or if your problems are of a technical nature, the always-on tech support team will have you back on track quickly. What is unique about this programme is that it gives you the opportunity to earn while you learn. This feature is especially attractive in any potential business start up.

When you join the SFM you are given exclusive access to a huge array of online training courses, webinars and one to one mentoring. 

You will also be paid generous commissions for the work you do. Giving you the opportunity to build a business generating a six or even seven figure income! Now that's a gold rush!

Before I finish - one caveat. Probably the biggest advantage of an online business is that, once it's up and running, it's extremely automatable. You can set it up in a way that you do not have to perform most of the day to day tasks yourself. Think 'income on autopilot' ~ Tim Ferriss. The caveat is, to get your online start up going, as with any new business, it takes time, money and energy, but if you are willing to invest in these three areas, you can reap huge rewards.

I wish I had read a blog post like this years ago and jumped on the gravy train then, but it obviously just wasn't my time. Your time is now! If you want to get involved and find out more about Six Figure Mentors and how to get after the gold, click here

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog post,

I hope that I have been able to provide some value,


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