Ever wonder how the other half lives?

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I wanted to write about this as it's something I had never really thought about until I started my massage career alongside my dancing, well maybe not in so much detail.


I was booked for a massage the other day at a prestigious hotel in London. I love going to these hotels as they are just so beautiful. So I walked into the reception and asked what room the name of my client would be in? to my surprise the receptionist replied that my client wasn't in a room in the hotel but in one of their apartments. 

Immediately I thought to myself 'wow I didn't even know hotels had apartments', maybe it's me being very naive but I had never been in a situation to know that information. It would be a struggle for me to even afford a room in one of these hotels let alone to look at apartment prices.

In the 'Apartment'.....

When walking into this hotel apartment I found an open plan bedroom/ living room, a little kitchen and beautiful bathroom. 

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So this made me think.............

I always knew that there were people who had a lot more money then me but when I actually saw it, it made me wonder how they can have so much more and I don't. I mean I work hard so why can't I have this luxurious lifestyle? 

Thinking back I have noticed this a lot to be honest as a lot of people who book the massages have the nice houses, in lovely areas some of which have their own maids, or nannies for their children.  

Now you would think this would make a person envious but not me, for me it makes me determined to find out how it is possible. Because if it's possible for all these people then it's possible for me ;)

So how could this happen? 

Good question.

Well I am not silly I knew that becoming a dancer and masseuse I would not be rolling in the cash. But that was my choice and I'm sure when all of you chose your paths you knew the salary that went with it, to then determine the lifestyle you would then become accustomed to. 

Things that could make this happen:

* Well paid job

* Investments 

* Own business

* Family business/funding 


For me it was the last one OPPORTUNITY. I found an opportunity that will give me the spring board to make my apartment in a hotel possible. Now these opportunities aren't so easy to find so I thought I would help you guys out. If you want an insight into what I found then please click here.

So in conclusion i'm not saying that more money will automatically make you happy and solve everything, it is definately not the answer for that. What I mean is that there is no reason why we can't all have a piece of the pie. I firmly believe money doesn't give you complete happiness, but believe it opens doors for you to give you options to have the freedom to be yourself. 

Thank you for reading and I hope this has helped in some way.

Have a great day




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