Freedom To Travel, Educate, Grow and Teach

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Too late to retire?  If you're anything like me, life has just been too blooming good and busy to grow up and face the reality that planning for retirement should have been a priority.  Let's face it, with forty being the new thirty, fifty being the new forty ... and so it goes on ... who has the time to think about not working?  Who would want to just log out of life in that way in any case?  What we do all want though is freedom!  Freedom To Travel, Educate, Grow and Teach

Not for me, I am working harder than ever before, only now with a difference.  You see, I am learning new skills in the digital and online space, learning and carving a new career in my 50's (early 50's mind you!).  None of this retiring and becoming staid for me, vibrant with much to offer the world, I am showing my beauitiful daughter Beth that there is more to life than shuffling away into the shadows as one grows older.  This is my time!  I'm planning to tick the bucket list, not kick the bucket!  Not only that, I am also providing an exciting future for her!  Just completing her final year of high school now, the working world is even more uncertain than it ever has been.  Being based in sunny South Africa, Beth's options at tertiary institutions are more limited than ever - but that's a topic for another day.  Suffice to say that I have found an incredible path to forge us both into a fabulous future!

So, what does it take?  A teachable spirit and can do attitude.  Commitment to hard work and dogged persistence - and that's just to get through the training!  What a wonderful world this digital space is turning out to be.  I wish I could shout it from the roof tops - blogging of couse, is the digital equivalent of "shouting from the rooftops".

So there you have it, a late-blooming, nearly baby-boomer, breaking convention and pioneering a new and exciting way to live.  Not only live, but live life to the fullest - creating the Freedom To ...

Travel wherever and whenever I choose, taking my new-found digital business with me (did I mention that this business is portable?  Oh yes, just another little perk)l

Educate my daughter in the burgeoning digital economy and provide her with an exceptional business opportunity, no matter what the conventional economy and workplace is doing.  She has a bright future ahead of her;

Grow - challenge my gray matter and love learning all over again;

Teach others to do the same. 

Truly an opportunity of a lifetime ... it could be yours too, all you need do is reach out and take hold of it!  In case you didnt notice - age doesnt count - just leaving school or on the cusp of retirement, this awesome opportunity truly is a one-size fits all!  Take hold of your Freedom to Travel, Educate, Grow and Teach ... click on the link below, it's FREE! And enjoy the SFM's Extraordinary Online Business Startup Bundle!  Don't delay, start today!

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