T'is the season to be crypto!

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A few weeks ago we heard of the meteoric ''Bitcoin'' high which saw the currency value go up more than 10k. That is phenomenal bearing in mind this digital coin was only known in the geeky tech world only, 8 years ago. 

As you may have noticed in the press, a lot of companies are accepting digital currency as payment. Now that sounds exciting and finance and technology are in symbiosis! Personally I will be investing in the crypto currency before I start parting with it as a means to pay for services. There's still a lot to learn about this currency with new emerging digital currencies that are competing for the spotlight. 

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This platform is, in my personal opinion, is very user friendly so it is easy to navigate. This company has steadily grown in the last 3 years with a very hands on customer service to assist you. What I find really unique is their demo account, no other platform so far, I've researched, has that tool so in essence you can register have a snoop around and leverage on the free demo account so you have an understanding of trading. Another interesting and useful feature are the blogs people write that will provide insight into the different currencies and their impact on the stock market.

Wait a minute, have I told you about the commissions you get from investing which are called ''tokens''. These I think are as valuable as the crypto currency itself so are worth saving, on this platform you can actually use them for payment, which I did the first few weeks until I learnt the value of the tokens.

To date, the currencies I have been investing are 

Bitcoin cash 
Bitcoin gold 

Investing in these currencies has provided a lot of bedtime reading, we all live in  a world where information is right at our finger tips and its instant!! so you want to be in the ''know'' instantly. I'm a bit of a softie and do like to mingle with the dark horses and the unnassuming. Understandably the ''Bitcoin'' is used interchangeably with digital currency/ crypto currency but there are so many emerging new coins we shouldn't ignore. I personally have been drawn to ''Ethereum'' as the up and coming digi coin. 

It may not be something you would venture in however if it peaks your interest, why not? 

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