What does it mean to have a millionaire mom mentality?

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If you earned a million dollars, how would your life change? What would you do differently?

Like me, I'm sure you hear and say WOW when you hear of those people hitting it big in the lottery. Sometimes winning hundreds of millions of dollars. Do you think like me: What are they going to do with all that money? or What would I do with that money if it was me? Sadly, the interesting fact about those who win large at the lottery, the majority of them end up bankrupt shortly thereafter.


It’s because they still carry with them the same mindset and habits they had before they won the money.

Well the odds are really slim so let's agree that most of us will not “win” a million dollars. YET, we all have the potential to earn/make a million dollars. You may be shaking your head saying there is no way YOU could make a million dollars…after all…you are just a mom but I’m here to say…”WHY NOT YOU?”

I believe being a millionaire is a mindset. It’s having the belief that you are worthy and CAN be a millionaire first and secondly that you change your habits along the way as you are pursuing goal.

First, let's talk about the belief system.

Many of us have had failures in our life which have put limits on our belief system. We aren’t pretty enough. We don’t have the right schooling. We weren’t raised in the right family. The list goes on.

Yet these are all made up stores. Do you agree that there are just as many beautiful woman, with the right schooling and family who won’t do anything meaningful with their lives.

Why? The belief system is not there.

What your beliefs will create your story...they will either allow you to GO for your goals…even if you trip and fall along the way or they will allow you to stay stuck.

Secondly, in order to become a millionaire, you need to change your habits along the way. How can you be a millionaire if you don’t make little steps every day towards your goal? Regardless of how you feel or your circumstance, if you don’t change your habits, the millions won't come and further more if they come, they won't stay.
Have you, like me, seen friends or people you know earn large sums of money and even possibily a millions and then lose it just as quickly? It's because they didn't have the habits necessary to support keeping that wealth.

Now why is that? Well' let take the lottery winners. What do they tend to do when they win... they decide to SPEND it... on cars, vacations, a big house, jewelry and the list goes on and then…they wind up bankrupt.
Why? Because the lack of discipline they had before the lottery is the same lack of discipline they have after winning. The same poor choices they made before they had the money is the same choices they make after they the money. They may also have a root belief the that there is NO WAY they could be millionaires so they self sabotage their potential.

So if you want to be a millionaire what do you have to believe?

First step is to believe “Why not me?”
How about starting with: " There are people with less ____ that have done it before me so why not me?" That opens up your mind to the possibility and keep thinking that because inevitably there will be rough patches when the goal may seem far away.

If you want to BE a millionaire, you need to replace your bad habits NOW with better ones that will move you towards your goal. If I struggle to stay in my budget now, I will struggle to stay in my budget when I make a million dollars. A great simple strategy for managing your money is the jar system. I'll do a separate post on that soon but basically it's have set % of your income designated for certain roles in your life: necessities, long term savings, play, giving, education and financial freedom. It's a simple system that anyone can use and most importantly building that habit allows you to have this pattern of discipline that will carry through to when you are earning your million dollars. Then your million dollars will not only stay but grow!

So, I urge you to have the Millionaire Mom Mentality and pass it on to your children. The Millionaire Mom Mentality isn’t really about about earning a Million Dollars. It’s more about your belief system and your habits.

Maybe your goal may not be to have a million dollars but you DO have a dream buried deep inside. I pray you will change your belief system…believe that you ARE enough, that you are worthy.

Then, I pray you will change your habits…make baby steps each day toward your dreams.

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