Baking, My Passion..

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Baking, my passion

I have always loved cakes. As a kid, would watch mum baking and trying to help out as well.  My mum was the first and best chef I have ever known, she still is..
She taught me everything I know, still does. She is my biggest fan but also my biggest critic still to this age.

I started cooking and baking on my own when I was in my teenage years, leaving my parents home to go to University. Always made time to bake something, even though not as often as now, was only baking my mum’s recipes, wouldn’t dare to make different stuff. Sometimes, sticking to what you know it’s best Or not.

In the last couple of years, since I moved to England, I have changed and I love challenges now, I have learned to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.

I have learned to cook and bake British recipes, and love watching Food Channels and Bake Off, love Mary Berry and Jamie Oliver. 

If I could, I would bake every day. I would do it for a living. Baking has become my passion, my burning desire, and is the thing I do with love.

I have never baked for anyone but friends and family, taken cakes to work sometimes, for my colleagues to try a bite. 

This year, I made new friends, that said I should pursue my passion and have a YouTube channel. I did think and said out loud: “Who would watch me? why would anyone look at me baking?” My friends said I shouldn’t worry about that now, that they will watch and my family will watch, that all I had to do is start somewhere...

And it did. Cristina’s cuisine is the name of my website and Cristina’s Kitchen is my YouTube channel. Still early days, only been out there a month, but getting a lot of positive feedback already, so will keep posting. 🔜🔜🔜

I want to tell you how overwhelmed and happy I am, reading all the comments on my videos and doing something I love. Thank you baby Roy for all your hard work making this possible, it couldn’t have been the same without you.  ️ ️ ️ 

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Dreams do come true if you believe in yourself and work towards them. 🔛
And, remember: if I can do it, so can you!  🏻 🏼‍♀️
My motto is now: Go break an egg. 🥚

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