how to start a day with a BIG SMILE

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One of my Dear Women asked me a question : ‘Aleks , what about mornings ? My mornings are messy. I am in a hurry, chaotic mess, dragging myself out of bed, terrified I am late for work, kids are driving me mad and are not eager to get off their beds …. What to do ?’

Well, we have one life and many chances to improve it as it goes. Let’s face it - if any change, it needs to be done in small steps. Small adjustments, not turning life up side down as it will not last. Small improvements, like the ones below will help not only to create a pleasant routine, but also give you time to appreciate yourself. You will be set up for a brilliant day ahead. With a big SMILE.

Let’s try :

1.when you wake up make sure you stay in bed. No need to jump out. Just stay in your warm bed, feel it, think about it. Slowly stretch, small movements of head, shoulders, legs. Slowly move your body from side to side. Slowly. Just for a few seconds.

2.keep breathing deeply and slowly. It would be great if you could open a window so fresh air comes in. What about getting up gently and opening that window? Fresh air will hit your lunges, refreshes you, your mind, your body and provides oxygen needed for life.  Just keep breathing. Concentrate on your breath. Be firm with yourself when your thoughts start drifting away and start swirling around work, family matter, etc. Say: ‘Thank you’ and bring your thoughts back to your breath... In and Out ....The world out there can wait. It is your 10 min. Only yours. They can wait!

3.listen to your body, feel it. Say: ‘Thank You’ for being such a wonderful body. Clever machine. Actualy, the cleverest machine in the world. Be here and now with your appreciation for your body. Keep breathing and keep feeling appreciation to your body. After a few minutes of that simple here and now you are ready to get up. Appreciation to your body is one of the best things you can give yourself in the morning:) it is as important as a healthy breakfast.

4. brush teeth but in a meantime put a kettle on and get yourself a glass of warm water (not too hot ! ideally warm enough so you can drink it straight away) and add 3 slices of lemon. Squeeze lemon with your hands or with teaspoon. Mindfully drink it. Warm water will wake up your body. Cleanse your digestive system. Hydrate your body. Lemon will refresh your body, and provide vit C needed to boost your immune system. High level of vit C is the best fighter with stress. Immune booster. It helps to prevent from cold and it is well known as antioxidant which will help your skin to look healthier, younger. What a Bonus : )

5. now time for a few flows with yoga poses or a few general stretches or even a plunk pose. It is your moment to synchronise body, mind and breath. Your blood will flow quicker, blood carries oxygen, your body cells will only thank you. Just stretch for a few minutes. Don’t worry if you do not have yoga mat. Let’s not complicate our lives even more. If you have a mat, that is great, if not - don’t worry and do it on a carpet or lay down on a blanket if you prefer. The same with clothes - pyjama is more than welcome. Exercise itself is more important that accessories. All will be good. Ideally give yourself 10-15 min, but please remember - you are starting your journey. No pressure. Once you have this routine mastered and it becomes your daily habit, you are more than welcome to extend the time of each practise. Basics and strong pillars come first. Let’s focus on small things so the bigger ones can come.

How was it ? Worth trying it for 7 - 10 days. Ideally every day. But again Dear Woman - we have busy lives, families, kids and million of things on our heads. It is ok, if one or two days slip away. It is ok. The most important is you remember about yourself and next day you will try to go back to this simple routine.

And let’s not forget about being kind to yourself. If for some reason it did not go the way you wanted, it is ok. Screw it :) It will come next day. You will have a chance to practise it and try it again. No pressure as it is your life. One life. Let’s make it fun.

Ready :) ?  Enjoy! And share with other beautiful Women.

Love, Aleks

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