A New Tradition, Homemade Pizza and Movie

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We have just started a new tradition in our house on a Saturday -

we have pizza and a movie.

Lucas has always loved pizza - particularly pepperoni pizza! Ordering take away pizza every week can be very expensive, even for just two people. So I decided that for this tradition we were not going to order our pizza but make our own - together. Lucas loves helping to make his own pizza and the recipe I use has no yeast in it, is simple to make and quick too! All bonuses for cooking with kids!

The receipe I use is not my own, you can get the full receipe here.

Lucas absolutely loves stiring the mixture together (word of warning, your floor and the counters will get covered in flour, along with your little one's clothes!) then kneeding the dough. It is also very therapeutic for us Mum's too! Get thumping that dough ladies!!!

Once we have made the basic dough recipe all you need to do is roughly shape the dough into a flat round and then spread tomato puree onto the pizza base. Lucas likes to try to do this, but usually needs a bit of help to spread it out evenly.

Then you add your toppings! As I have already mentioned, Lucas loves pepperoni, I prefer veggie pizza, so I just chop up a mixture of veggies and add them to my pizza.

Then the cheese, now I know you are supposed to have mozerella on pizza's but I find regular cheddar cheese is less expensive and just as nice! 


Before we pop our creations into the oven we personalise our pizza's using tomato ketchup! This is a great little tip for parents with more than one child, as the ketchup personalisation erradicates the 'who's is who's' question! (for your information, Lucas is adding 'hair' onto his face with the ketchup in this picture!).


These beauties are cooked in just 15 Minutes, just enough time to have a quick tidy up and decide on the movie we are going to watch.


We both love these pizza's!


The base is similar to a scone, rather than your traditional pizza base, but just as tasty. Plus there is the added joy of eating something we have made together. Lucas has started to look forward to pizza and movie nights. He really enjoys helping Mummy cook. This is the only day of the week where I do actually let him cook with me. It's a great way to start teaching your children how to cook, with a simple and fun recipe. It has become a lovely little tradition which I hope Lucas will look back on when he is an adult and remember fondly.

Have you started any family traditions?


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