Starting a raw food journey

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I was on a alternative lifestyle journey to improve my health and wellbeing as i had some health issues, and was fed up at the way it was controlling the way a feel about my life.The old ways weren' working, i discovered Raw food and how it was a way of eating whole foods that have a higher vibration. I was on a mission to heal myself. 

I was keen to get started, so i purchased all the gadgets i needed, after some research on models and prices, back then the total cost was quite expensive, but i thought how can i put a price on my health.

And the end of the day it doesn't matter what money or material possessions we have, if we have'nt got good health, mind body and spirit then these outer things become unappreciated in my experience.  



I was reading books and asking friends for tips and advice, the knowledge was vast and a whole new ball game. getting the ingredients, not from supermarkets! I found online whole food companies out there i didn’t know they existed, from sprouted buckwheat to seaweed and all the superfoods you can think of.


I was sprouting buckwheat,seeds and soaking assorts of nuts ,so it was a working process and i wanted the gourmet raw food as it kept be closer to foods that most of eat today.

it wasn’t long before i mastered a few things ie 

 nut milk smoothies with spirilina with cocoa with bannana

 avocado fruit salads with seaweed 

 sprouted buckwheat crackers.



My first experience of making these amazing crackers was so funny when i look back… i was blending linseeds that had been soaked,i had the food processor on the go with the sprouted buckwheat with various other ingredients, and a dehydrater on the kitchen table , i was in a small place it looked like it had been ransacked! it was more work than cooking a full roast but worth it.. 

I enjoyed making raw chocolate and cakes which were amazing and very addictive, i was eating it for breakfast lol.


For me i enjoyed the experience and still do, i had to go easy on some of the foods, to many nuts and greens gave me wind and a bloated stomach most of us can’t digest to much , so i stick to a more simply way and still enjoy fresh salads, crackers and smoothies.

The benefits of a raw food diet, the food retains its nutrients and natural enzymes boosting digestion and fight chronic desease by keeping the body in a alkaline state.

My Journey to health and well being has been worth every step and when i look back to where i started its a "transformation" 

Keeping your vibration high to attract the life you desire.

So much love.

Dean and Ania x

Live life on your terms.

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